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How To Buy Terry Bath Towels And How To Launder it?

There are so many bath towels, for which particular reason the terry towel has high demand, have you ever think about it? Perhaps it’s that example of a master-piece product which often people describe in short simple words; “a worth money invests, or worth buying quality product”.

IT seems I am advertising any brand product, but just trying to recognize any basic feature on basis of which the cotton terry bath towel distinguishes from other cotton towels. After thorough research, the basic reason I found is, the name it carries, has its historic significance.

Origin of Terry Bath Towels

The terry cloth has its origin dating back to 1841 as it was the first time this bath towel was introduced in France. After seven years in England, it was Samuel Holt was the first who initiated weave, and cotton into terry cloth.

Pursuing then by 1850, Henry Christy finally established a Christy Company which become the volunteer in manufacturing terry cloth fabric and towels.

Since it took an influencing start of manufacturing terry bath towels, it becomes obvious to consider some basic factors to choose the best cotton terry bath towel. It needs to choose on basis of material, weight, softness, and required things in mind.

What to Consider while buying a cotton terry towel?

Towel Material

Bath towels made with synthetics or synthetic blend though gives a soft feeling but works poorly when it comes to absorbing moisture as compared to a pure cotton towel. Also, there’s a difference in pure cotton towels. Each has a different level of weight, absorbency, and softness, yet all cotton is not equal.

The best way to test weave fabric density is, hold the towel up to the light, and check how much light enters it. The lesser light will penetrate, the greater would be density.

Christy towel circles are right around a one-quarter inch long. A texture with long circles can for the most part withstand contorting, pulling, pulling, and scouring. This makes them both solid and retentive.

Weight of towel

Towels are usually weighed on basis of the weight of fabric per meter, thus it ranges in different weights between 100 to 800 grams per meter (GSM). Never choose a towel that weighs less than 450 GSM.

On other hand, towels with a heavier weight though sound impressive, but the thing is a towel with thick weave fabric, it feels more like a tightly woven oriental rug and takes a long time to dry as well.

A perfect range of towel weight should be around 650 to 700 GSM. If you consider cotton terry bath towels from its home Christy towels, it weighs around 675 GSM.


The softness of the towel depends on the type of use, and the user’s perception. It is mostly believed that ultra-soft towels aren’t good for the skin. Some delicate towels may appear like they are not totally drying your skin and frequently leave a buildup.

Therefore, numerous individuals incline toward a towel with a delicate, yet inconspicuous scouring feel. Towels produced using Bamboo or Micro Modal now and again get these sorts of protests.

Determine what you need

Buying and using towels is merely a matter of one’s personal preference, yet it makes a difference in terms of choice. For instance, if you need an exceptionally soft, ultra-absorbent, 100% cotton with dense, plush loops of yarn on the surface. Or, you looking for a quick-drying, and highly durable towel, then consider a cotton-poly blend or a lighter fabric with short loops.

The fluffy loops give a soft feel to any towel and absorb water well, but it also takes a long time to dry and thus might show more wear from laundering.

Visually Inspect Each Towel

This means, make sure the edges are neatly folded, and secured with close, secure stitching. It shows a sign of good quality expertise, as well as prevent fraying, and further helps to extend the towel’s life.

Let’s take a look at some useful tips on how to launder terry bath towels.

How to Launder & Care Terry Towels?

Now laundering towel is pretty simple for the most part, but there are some things which you can do to make your towel look like a new one for long period, keep them soft, and absorbing.

The first step is, washing cycle:

The very first thing you’re going to do is, take any mild detergent like ivory, draft, or any that detergent is free of harmful chemicals and is specifically formulated for cotton products.

Another thing you need is half a cup of a baking quarter – half a cup of baking soda in the wash. This keeps the towel smelling fresh, keeps them looking nice and fresh.

And, you’ll need some vinegar about ½ a cup, it helps in setting color, and slow down the feeding process.

One most important thing I must tell you! The towels often end up dingy, which is due to excessive use of detergent. Towels can’t squeeze enough water, and it picks up the odor, and start to look dingy, so the best way is to pull back detergent around 10 – 14%.

While using all these things, use a medium temperature that will help to keep your towels softer and high heat can make them shrink, this can lead to damage to fiber. So always consider cool to medium temperature. Never overload the washing machine, this will impede you rinsing towel, and won’t get that clean and brighter as it should be.

Make sure you need to rinse out all detergent from the towel. When it comes to the dry cycle, then again use cool to the medium setting, don’t over-dry your towel, nor let them sit in the bottom of the dryer for an extended period. Once the dry cycle gets complete, pull them out, and fold them up, otherwise, the high heat can make the fiber brittle, and scratchy.

If you want to buy a new terry towel, then I will suggest you pick 100% cotton fabric. Though there are many towels in a market like cotton-poly blend, it doesn’t absorb much. Avoid dark color towels, they fade significantly, and later, they don’t look much appealing.

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