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How to Choose Cheap and Best Computer for Gaming

Choose Cheap and Best Computer for Gaming

It is very important to choose the configuration of the gaming computer that you like to be your companion for gamers.

Based on what factors build a gaming computer?

Currently, many of you build the configuration based on the game they want to play, such as playing Pubg max setting, GTA 5 or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds configuration.  This build has the disadvantage of being difficult to play for long. Because if you like another game that requires higher configuration during the game, then you will consider upgrading. That means you will spend money too soon.

With a long experience of building pc gaming, build by screen resolution. If you already have a Full-HD monitor, or you decide to only play games at the Full-HD level, then you should build a configuration that is strong enough to handle all games at this resolution.

By building a computer configuration based on resolution, you will be comfortable to fight more games without caring about the configuration that the games require. Just use a GTX 1050 or 1060 card to play delicious Full-HD games, with the title of 2K, choose 1070, 2060, 4K then choose 2070, 2080 … Choose this way when you upgrade VGA to the series higher is very easy.

  1. How to choose the mainboard?

This is a relatively difficult component for newcomers to learn about build configuration because there are many types and lots of prices. Currently, the mainboard is divided into 2 main lines: main for Intel and main for AMD. In which main for each line there are many different types of chipsets. You need to pay attention to the number of slots, connectors, auxiliary features. Here’s how to choose the best motherboard for i7 8700k.

Should choose the mainboard of the business line is relatively cheap, for example, the B-series mainboard (Intel) cost only about 2 million to assemble the gaming console. The series is quite cheap but still meets all the basic needs of a gaming PC set. To choose the mainboard that suits the needs and price you remember to choose according to the following factors:

  • Running your CPU type: For example, LGA 2066 Intel CPU, select main that supports LGA 2066.
  • Does it support CPU Overclocking or not: The CPU you use has the ability to overclock, so choose the main type with the chipset that supports Overclocking. For example, Core i7-8700K CPU has Overclock, while i7-8700 does not. Mainboard’s using Z and X series chipsets (such as Z370, X299) are capable of Overclocking the CPU, while the remaining chipsets (H, Q, B) do not support Overclocking. You should choose the main and corresponding CPU to take advantage of their performance as well as avoid wasting money.
  • Running your VGA: You only use 1 VGA and never use 2 cards, you should buy a mainboard with 1 PCIe.
  • Mount your Ram enough: the mainboard has 2 RAM slots, there are 4 slots and also has up to 8 slots. Buying a slot with 4 slots is relatively comfortable, but if you’re limited financially, choosing a 2-slot type is also very good for gaming.

  1. How to choose a CPU?

On the market today there are 2 CPU lines that are Intel and AMD, It is up to you to choose 1 of these two lines. When choosing a CPU, then you should see low-end CPUs like i3, i5 are strong enough to help you play the game, and then decide to choose a high-end CPU (i7 and i9). Because it will save you a lot of money if you choose the right CPU.

  • Some Intel CPUs such as: G5400, i3-8100, i3-9100F, i5-9400F, i5-9600K.
  • Some AMD CPUs such as Ryzen 5 2600, Ryzen 5 2400G, Ryzen 5 3400G, Ryzen 5 3600.

  1. Focus on investing in VGA

When building a gaming computer configuration, you should invest heavily in VGA and CPU. All current games use more VGA than the CPU. Should choose VGA strong enough to play with your screen resolution.

VGA is increasingly volatile, Nvidia has GTX 1050 to RTX 2080Ti, and AMD has RX480 to RX 5700. Just keep in mind that each of the cards will ensure smooth gaming at a resolution and frame rate certainly only.

  • Full-HD display, select VGA: VGA 1050Ti, GTX 1060, GTX 1660, GTX 1660 Ti
  • Screen 2K to 4K, so choose VGA: GTX 1070, GTX 1080, RTX 2060, RTX 2060 Super, RTX 2070, and RTX 2080.

  1. Select a Full-HD or 2K screen

Choosing to play games in Full-HD will save you a lot of money compared to building the configuration to play 2K Games. Playing games in Full-HD, you should choose a moderate screen at 24 Inch which is the most reasonable, very sharp and beautiful image.

If you choose a 2K monitor, then you must choose a VGA strong enough to handle games at 2K, the CPU is similar, the power supply must be higher to carry VGA and strong CPU.

Regarding the ultra-long screen type Ultra Wide (21: 9 aspect ratio). Although they look beautiful and attractive, they are not suitable for playing with most games. The reason is that many games do not support the 21: 9 ratio, old games (many good games) do not support it. I personally find the Ultra Widescreen is only suitable for working multiple windows, but for gaming will be a bit tired if you turn around to look at a long screen.

  1. Select RAM

This is the easiest component to choose when building a gaming computer because they don’t have many types. Currently, only 2 lines are DDR4 and DDR3. The following should be noted:

How much RAM is reasonable? You should choose 16G RAM because many of you just play games while live streaming or filming the screen. If you only play games then choose 8G RAM, later when the games require more RAM, we learn more.

  1. Hard drive HDD and SSD

Choose as follows: 1 small capacity SSD (about 128 GB) + 1 large capacity HDD. SSD to accommodate the operating system and 1-2 games or play for the purpose of fast start-up, fast shutdown, fast game loading. HDD is used to store data. If you can afford a large capacity SSD, then feel free to do so.

  1. Computer case

The case of a computer case is that many of you when building a computer doesn’t care the most. The case greatly affects your everyday experience and use:

  • The finishing quality of the shell, whether the paint is beautiful or not, whether it looks seamless or not, is easy to peel off.
  • Case stability: whether the casing material is strong enough or not, the chassis is stable. This is important because if the case is too light or the frame is too weak, it can easily be disturbed by CPU fans, VGA fans, and case fans, creating very annoying noise.

  • Spacious interior: easy to attach components, easy to wire. A small chassis, with too few slots to attach the hard drive or an unfavorable mounting position, will make it difficult for you to install components into the case. The difficulty will continue until you start walking here inside the box, wiring neatly, beautifully and safely. Check the company’s website to see how the cabinet’s interior looks before deciding to buy it.

  • Can you mount multiple fans? This is important, affecting the cooling effect of the case. For example, if you put the tail of the chassis close to the wall, you should prioritize the case that can be mounted with fans on the top and front to facilitate air circulation, the case can easily bring the heat out and bring cool air inside.

  1. How much power is enough?

Depending on the configuration you build, the higher the configuration, the higher the power supply required.

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