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How to create a professional letterhead in 2021?

Professional letterhead

If you are on the quest to build up your network of clients, letterhead is still the best way to catch and hold someone’s attention. Compared to an email, a letterhead has serious weight. Consequently, it explains you made an effort to design, print, and send it.  It speaks volumes about how much esteem you have for the receiver—contacting an agency for collaboration or a potential new client? A professional letterhead will frame your message beautifully. It also illustrates how you create a professional letterhead. Spend as much time improving your letterhead as you would a portfolio, and you will be sure to get professional rewards.

Want to design your letterhead, but not sure where to begin? Don’t worry! A letterhead is easier to attain than you think.  You will find here the pro tips for creating the best letterhead design in 2021.

1. Get the Essentials

Every designer understands that a blank page can be incredibly daunting. But before you begin simply throwing everything to your page, take a moment to set up the fundamentals of your letterhead.

First, make sure you are using the best software to create the best publishing layouts. It will help you to develop your best business stationery design as you go. Then, pick the software you feel is the most convenient while using.

Furthermore, it would be best if you examine the sizing of your letterhead. There are standard sizes for business stationery according to country. Therefore, if you want to fit your letter in a standard-sized envelope, you must use standard sizes.

Eventually, think about the grid of your layout. Certainly, a letterhead is not as complex as a magazine cover, but it still needs a simple grid. Look at other professional letterheads and observe the grids they employ.

2. Create an Attractive Border

Printing technology has developed at a remarkable rate over the last couple of decades. As a result, you will now find high-quality printing whether you opt for business stationery design services or print independently.

Do not feel that you have to limit yourself to an insignificant, monochromatic layout for your letterhead. Instead, you can use color and add a stand-out element to your design to catch the reader’s attention.

A border is the best way of doing this, and with the best stationery design services, you can print up the best. In addition, it is a great option for adding color to your design on the edge of the sheet. It also helps to frame the content of your layer, and in so doing, draw awareness to the text. For instance, a well-designed border works the same way a picture frame would elegantly showcase a painting. In addition, it helps to focus the viewer’s attention on the content in the center of the layout.

3. Go with Geometric Background

Geometric shapes are an attractive way to up the style feature of your letterhead. However, it is a bold trend that takes digital and app design inspiration. Consequently, it is a great pick if you are applying to a tech start-up or online business.

You can achieve the look by creating simple, repetitive shapes in Illustrator. Furthermore, applying a gradient color effect to create a 3D look. Suppose you plan to extend your letterhead design to other business stationery design services, like business cards and envelopes. It is the best style approach to apply across other media. Copy and paste the plan onto your other media to create the best business stationery design.

4. Add header to Create a Professional Letterhead. 

A professional header might be one of the more traditional layout styles. But you can bring it to strike by using zesty color or pattern as the background. It is also the best way of introducing a touch of style to other business stationery design services.

5. Add an Elegant Edge to Create a Professional Letterhead. 

Once you have built a basic grid, you have the freedom to split up your layout according to your plans. For example, pulling out a single column on the left side of your layout can be an effective technique for breaking up the width of the page. It permits you to maximize the space available to you on the page.

In addition, distributing your letter into a columned structure is incredibly elegant. It looks particularly nice where the page is wider and shorter. The column visually increases the page vertically, creating a more elegant, visually pleasing space.

6. Modify According to Your Audience

While you have entirely incorporated with perfecting your grid and creating graphics, take a moment and consider to whom you are sending this letter.

Consider who you are sending your letter to and adapt the style appropriately. For example, a minimal, monochrome design is best for a legal firm. You will come across as professional, even before the reader has read the text.

7.  Brand your Letter with a Logo

A touch of self-promotion never hurt anybody. But have you considered designing a complete brand for your business? If you are trying to engage more clients, creating a professional letterhead is a way of telling readers you are serious about your work.

A logo is the best way to create your brand, and it can be a quick and simple process. First, search for simple concepts, using the letters of your initials or your signature to create a logo. It memorably expresses who you are in a single graphic.

8. Do not Be Color-Shy

Color is hands down the most efficient way of managing the emotional impact of your letterhead. When a potential audience opens up your envelope, a range of colors can set the tone. Colors like reds, yellows, blues are instant mood-lifters for how they view your letter.

9. Select a Theme and Continue with It

The best tip for designing any letterhead or business stationery is to emphasize refining a small element. For instance, whether a logo, graphic elements, or a simple colored header. Then, once you are happy with that single feature, use it to develop a whole theme for the best business stationery design.

The designer uses these as building blocks for creating a more interesting geometric design, which they use to embellish the letterhead, business cards, and other items in their business stationery design services.

You can use a single element, whether a shape, a color, or a photo, to build a thematic way for your stationery. It’s a surprisingly simple technique for establishing the best business stationery design.

10.  Mix Pictures to Create your Letterhead

A letterhead might not seem the obvious place to showcase your photography skills. But subtly integrating a photo into your design can look incredibly effective. For example, a portrait shot might seem a bit intimidating. But a landscape picture or a patterned image can add dimension to your design.

11.  Build a Whole Stationery Set

Many examples used in this reading have explained business stationery design services and not simply letterheads alone.

It may seem like a lot of effort and time to design a whole stationery set. However, when you open up a branded envelope to find a letter, portfolio, and business card in a matching style, it will certainly make your letter more memorable.

Creating a whole stationery set need not be a daunting task. However, if the thought of creating complete designs from a blank page is still too much to go, don’t worry. Navicosoft is ideally suited for creating the best business stationery. You can find templates for envelopes, business cards, and more. Here you can find their portfolio to choose the best company for stationery design.

Conclusion: Ready to Create a Professional Letterhead?

In this reading, we have looked at tips and tricks to create a professional letterhead in 2021. It is the simple stationery item that is your key to landing the client of your dreams. Hence, design with confidence, and you will be sure to catch someone’s eye.

Looking for fantastic business stationery design services to help you get started? You will find many best business stationery designs on Navicosoft. Furthermore, it has a great design-forward selection too.



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