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How to differentiate between the skilled and unskilled AC technician?

Air conditioners are an investment that we cannot escape from. Most often we end up facing more difficulties because we do not know the basics or have a foundational knowledge of how to look out for an air conditioning unit, be it for commercial or for our residential use. Having a professional set up the air conditioning units and having an unskilled person do the installation, has a lot to do with the way your air conditioners work and function in the longer run. Contact the certified AC technician who are trained according to the brands that they offer, make sure that they provide a quality installation. 

But how to distinguish between an expert and an amateur?

A question that comes to the mind of most of the customers before choosing a company offering air conditioning installation London. We are often apprehensive of several problems that are posed before us,

Does the company do have skilled technicians as it claims, or is it misleading you with false assertions?

It is not complicated to understand whether the technician allotted to install your air conditioning unit is an experienced technician or not. And before we go on to what to look out for when installing an air conditioner, let us have a look at the common mistakes that can arise when the technician is amateur and inexperienced.

  • Sloppy wiring-

When installing an air conditioner, the first thing that an inexperienced technician does is make a sloppy and messed up wiring. He might leave exposed wires that could potentially be a health risk. Not only that, disorganised wiring can lead to faulty functioning of the air conditioning unit. The moment you realise that the technician is doing sloppy and untidy wiring, you can be sure that the person is inexperienced.

  • Insulation and suction line-

Insulation of the refrigerant on the suction line is an essential and significant step when installing an air conditioner. Insulating the refrigerant is crucial because if improperly done, the cooling of your air conditioning unit will be affected, and it will decrease. So make sure that the technician properly insulates the refrigerant over the suction line. 

Also, watch out for the positioning of the suction lines. Incorrect placement of these suction lines affects the cooling. The suction lines should be placed at the right angles that would not force the air conditioning unit to work against any resistance to achieve the desired amount of cooling.

  • The positioning of the unit from the wall-

Another significant aspect of the installation of air conditioning units is the positioning of the AC unit and the wall on which it is mounted. Be it a split or a wall air conditioning unit, and there should be enough space between the unit and wall to ensure that it gets room to breathe.

Not breathe like us humans, but there must be enough room for the air to flow.

The functioning of the air conditioning units depends on the proper airflow, too.

  • Using long Refrigerant piping-

An AC installer would be able to install a required length of the refrigerant pipe. If the refrigerant pipes are too long, it will affect the cooling process of the air conditioning unit. Having longer cycles to complete, the work of the compressor of the air conditioning unit would increase, thus resulting in excessive and unnecessary energy consumption.

  • Wrong size- 

When installing an air conditioner, be it at your residence or for commercial use, you should not compromise with the size of the air conditioning unit. Every installation should be customised and curated specifically for the room, and the air conditioning unit should be chosen according to the specifications of the room. Suppose small-sized air conditioners are installed in a vast space. In that case, the efficiency of its cooling will decrease significantly, and it would put a lot of pressure on the units to cool the entire room according to the desired temperature. While, on the other hand, if a bigger air conditioning unit is installed in a smaller space, then the functioning would hinder the process of dehumidification. 

Your expert ac technician should be able to tell you the requirement of the room according to the room specifications. 

Before settling down with an air conditioning contract providing company, you should make sure that they have a team of trained and experienced professionals. To top that, it would be cherry on the cake if the company offers a team of expert technicians who are traine. Their experienced technicians not only ensure that your AC installation is precise and perfect but also conduct customisable services to ensure that your air conditioning units are functioning correctly and smoothly. Be it residential air conditioning units or a Commercial air conditioning, consult the best service provider for air conditioning repair London.

Matthew Connery

Matthew Connery is a marketing consultant, working with Hamilton Air Conditioning Ltd., a UK based air-conditioning company providing high-quality installation, maintenance and repair services.

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