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How To Discuss In-Home Senior Care With Your Aging Parents

How To Discuss In-Home Senior Care With Your Aging Parents

According to an AARP survey, over 75% of those aged 50 and up want to age in place.

Your own aging parents may want to stay in their homes as they grow older. At the same time, you may notice that there are daily tasks your loved ones are no longer able to do on their own.

There may be tasks you help with when you visit. Or it’s possible you live too far away to help with these day-to-day activities. You may believe it’s time to hire some in-home senior care for your parents.

It can be a tricky conversation to have. Your parents have been independent for a very long time. Admitting they need help may be difficult, even if you know it’s necessary.

Keep reading for some tips on discussing in-home care with your elderly parents.

Have a Plan

If you’ve started to see some areas of concern regarding your parents and their care, it’s time to have a conversation. Don’t, however, sit down with your loved ones without a plan.

First, you will want to be clear on what areas you have concerns about. When you begin talking with your parents, you will want to be specific about where you think they may benefit from in-home senior care. Make a list of tasks they may need help with.

For some good ideas about the services an in-home health care professional can provide, check out a site like

You might consider a conversation with your parents’ primary physician to get their take on the situation. Having their doctor on your side may help pave the way.

Plan to sit down with your parents when there’s time for a calm, relaxed conversation. Keep in mind that you may need to have more than one conversation to work everything out to everyone’s satisfaction.

Ask Questions

You can start the conversation by explaining that you have some concerns you’d like to ask them about. Let your parents answer questions about what you’ve observed.

Talk together about solutions, including sharing any information you’ve gathered on in-home care. They may have questions for you.

Be sure to involve your loved ones in any decisions you are trying to make. They are more likely to buy into a plan if they feel like their wishes are being heard and respected.

Make Yourself the Focus

Go ahead and let your parents know that your concerns are keeping you up at night. Tell them you worry about how they are when you’re not there.

Explain that it would ease your mind to know someone is going to be there on a regular basis to help out. Your parents likely don’t want to be a burden to you, and this might make them more willing to give in-home care a shot.

Play Up the Advantages

Be sure to talk up the many benefits of in-home senior care. A big benefit is the ability to stay in a house and a neighborhood your parents love. It can also be comforting to know there will be help getting through daily tasks which may have become cumbersome.

Assure them that you can hire someone to help out on a trial basis to find out what works and what doesn’t. Be clear that the idea is to make your parents’ lives easier, not more stressful.

Be Patient With Your Aging Parents

It may take some time for your aging parents to agree that they need help. It may take even longer for them to agree to let an in-home care professional into their home. Recognize that this is a big step for them, and be patient.

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