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How To Paint A Room Professionally And Get Better Results?

Painting a room demands extensive labor and skills, from holding the brush to applying strokes on the wall. A room never becomes perfect without shades, and painting the room brings out the character of the space. 

So, doing it in the right way is important. In this piece, you will find tips and tricks to add a professional touch to your painting skills.

But first, learn how to hold a brush? 

For a professional result, you need to hold the brush professionally. Keep the handle at the back of your thumb, and the ferrule needs to stay between your middle finger and index finger. The point needs to stay on the finger part.

How much time is needed to paint a room?

Professional painters take up to two to three days for an average room. Because first, they need to prepare, then prime the wall and at last finish it off with paint. 

5 Tips To Paint A Room Professionally!

  • Clear out any mishaps before drying

It is very easy to make mistakes while painting, and getting out of the line is the most common one. Don’t panic; wet paint can be easily removed by using a cotton cloth. Wrap the cloth around your finger and stroke the paint out. 

But make sure to handle the excess cloth so that it doesn’t meddle with the base paint. Need Professional Help? Any reputed painters in Adelaide can help you achieve the desired outlook.

  • Use painter’s tape

Working near a wooden surface or flooring calls for Painter’s tape. Stretching the tape on the surface will prevent paint stains and make the whole process a lot easier to finish.

  • Perform two-steps sanding

Sanding is performed to remove the chipped paint and also offers a base for the new paint. For a glossy texture, use a sanding sponge. Sponges hold the trim better than sandpaper. 

However, professionals abide by hand sanding first, followed by liquid sanding to make the wall appear prim & proper. For this kind of professional commitment, rely on any reputed painters in Adelaide.

  • Get a premium quality paint

Glossier paints are stain-resistant plus are scrubbable too. This kind of paint, however, showcases minute wall issues. So, settle for an eggshell or matt gloss. This texture is aesthetically pleasing and stays intact for years. The paint price might confuse you, but good quality requires money too. 

  • Load the pain in the correct way

The next thing you need to know is how to load a paintbrush. Dip the brush in the paint nicely but keep the 2 fingers width rule. This way, you can avoid the overloading problem. 

Finish off by scraping the extra paint in the bucket. If you want blemish-free walls, consult C&S Decorators.


Once the work is done, double-check for missing spots. Once completed, let the paint dry for 2-3 days. 

Most professionals abide by these basic tips for best results. If you are a first-timer, then try to complete the process without any restricted time frame. Less time can create panic and distort your hard work at once. 

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