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How to Prepare Your House for Viewings

How to Prepare Your House for Viewings

Whenever people think about selling or renting out their properties, they often rely on a snagging company in Dubai to help them. That’s because everyone wants their home to be in perfect condition in order to be able to demand a high return on investment.

However, sometimes people don’t understand that not doing so will result in this becoming an issue during negotiations. You’ll ultimately have to lower the asking price down only because there are minor faults that could’ve been fixed if someone had given enough attention. Tenants might outrightly reject the place since they have no stake in its value, whereas buyers will eat up an opportunity like this.

So, if you’re not sure how to go about preparing your property for viewing, here’s a few tips that can help:


More often than not, people have a lot of stuff spread across their rooms. Most of this stuff isn’t even in use and ends up taking much space in the house. Decluttering means to get rid of all the things that you’re not going to use anymore. This involves any old furniture pieces or decorations. You need to make space in the house. Whenever people come to view a house, they want to imagine the place as their own. It’s hard to do that when there’s too much stuff lying around.

Try to categorize everything that you’re thinking of putting away and figure out whether you’d like to recycle, fix, donate, or throw something away. You’ll need baskets in order to make sure nothing goes into the wrong category. If something can be recycled or fixed, you should put it all aside first so that you don’t have to make another trip.  

Use The Lights

Lights give the house the life it needs to appear homely. However, too much light will put on display all the seam in the walls or cracks in the corners. Therefore, it’s best that you go for a creative way to make it work for you. Try organizing the furniture where the light rays are going to make it aesthetically more appealing. This will also help direct people’s attention to anything that is enlightened. Moreover, you can also hide the corners of the house that don’t really fit well with the overall theme of the house.

Table lamps are a great way to divert people’s gaze towards what you want them to see. Try decorating your furniture with plants or a few flowers and direct the light towards it. Try the same with the nightstands in the bedroom and the living room.

First Impressions

Although it doesn’t completely seal the deal, first impressions of the property count for a lot. Whenever someone takes the stairs or elevator to the house or walks up the front porch, the impression the house gives shapes their judgment. As possible future residents, it’s their job to ensure that they don’t choose a house they’re not comfortable walking up to. If you’re living in a house with a porch, it’s imperative that you clean it and fix any broken ledges or walkways. Moreover, try decorating the patio and the front door to ensure that the viewers’ experience starts off well.

When the viewers walk inside the front doors, they should be able to view the house in the perfect condition that you want them to remember.

The Bathrooms

The part of the house that really seals or breaks the deal is the bathroom. No matter how many you have in your house or apartment, make sure that they’re all appearing in the best condition. You’ll need to make sure that the toiletries and the sewage system work properly. Try to take care of all the clogged gutters, faucets, and showers. Make sure that there’s no leakage and the pressure of the water is optimum.

Visit Here & Hire property management company in Dubai to make sure that everything is in the right place. They’ll also help you take care of minor fixes and repairs that the house needs. All in all, you want your viewers to have the best experience and find a property that they can’t say no to. This will help you in negotiating the price or securing a long-term tenancy contract.  

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