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How to Set Up HP Printer Easy Steps by

HP Printer Easy Steps by

Setting up your HP printer can be a real nightmare at times, however at 123 hp setup, you can easily learn to setup your printer by following the super easy steps mentioned below:

— Unpack your HP printer from its box, make sure you gently remove all the packaging, tapes,  plastic tag fasteners etc. Make sure you DO NOT use any sharp objects like knives, to open the package to avoid any kind of damage.

— Check for HP ink cartridges, see if they are all ready installed, if not then install it. (Refer 123 hp setup for installing HP ink cartridges)

— Once the HP printer is completely unpacked, all tapes, packaging stuff is removed, then place the printer in a suitable area from where you would operate it.

— Connect the hp printer to its power cable by simply plugging the power cable into a plug point.

By following  these steps given on 123 hp printer setup you can easily physically install your hp printer in a jiffy. In order to install the HP printer drivers, kindly follow the easy instructions given in Step 2.

Step 2 – Download/ Install HP Printer Drivers (With CD/DVD driver) at


By following these simple steps you will be able to complete hp printer software setup. This includes downloading and installing printer software. Go through the instructions carefully for the successful 123 hp setup printer driver download and installation.

— Take out the CD that you have received along with your HP Printer and keep it handy.

— Check the top of the CD, it would be clearly mentioned as which version it supports, as it can support versions like Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 , Mac etc

— Now insert the CD into the CD ROM.

— After you have inserted the CD in CD ROM, then open the File Explorer.

— On the left hand side of the file explorer you would notice the HP DVD RW icon , double click on it.

— Once double click on it , you would notice a lot of drivers listed in it. Look for HP Setup.exe. Once you find it double click on it.

— You would then notice  a small pop up appear on your desktop which would have three stages 1) Prepare 2) Connect and 3) Activate

— First stage is Prepare (follow Step 1 mentioned in How to Set Up HP Printer – Easy Steps by

— Second Stage is Connect , here you will have to connect your printer to your computer with the help of USB cable which is usually given along with your HP Printer.

–If you have already connected your HP printer with the computer (which is mentioned in Step 1) then simply load paper in the paper tray, make sure the papers are loaded in a neat manner, without wrinkles.

— Once your hp printer is turned on, paper is loaded and ink is installed, then click on continue to start the process of installing the software.

— Next there would be a recommended software list, which you can check and uncheck according to your requirement. Then click on the next button given at the bottom.

— Next you would get the installation agreement, click on the check box given below and hit next.

— You would then see the software being installed successfully, however wait till it gets installed completely, do not refresh or turn off your computer until it’s done.

— After the software is installed , you would then get a pop up asking a few questions about the usage of your hp printer. Like is it for home or office use? Your postal code?

— Provide the information related to the hp printer usage, postal code, then click next.

— There would be a pop up asking you to restart the computer,

“Now” or ‘Later” (This is for the new settings to take effect.)

— Click on “Restart Later” as by doing this you would move to Stage 3 – Activate.

— Stage 3 Activate is only if you want to activate it on net if you wish to do it then click continue online or else just close the pop up window.

— It would ask you if you wish to skip the activation process click on ‘Yes’.

— After this check your desktop screen, you would be able to find you HP printer icon on it.

— You can now give the print command and print anything you wish.

Step 3 – Download and Install your HP printer through provides you some easy instructions, by following these you can download and install your hp printer driver without really having a CD/DVD in a hassle free manner.


— Switch on your computer along with the HP printer, open your search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN search etc).

— Now go to the site

— Keep your printer model number handy as you will have to key in your hp printer model number on the search bar in order to find the best printer software package.

— You can choose the hp printer driver according to your OS (Operating System) like (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista,Windows XP, Apple’s macOS).

— Next you need to click on the Download/ Transfer button in order to initiate the process.

— Next on your computer go to the download folder and check for hp printer software file that you have just downloaded.

— Now you just have to run the software in order to complete the driver installation for your hp printer

— Your printer is all set to start printing, feel free to print whatever you choose to

— Not sure about how to install a printer for Mac? Don’t worry just refer to for installing HP printer for Mac OS.

Install an HP Printer in Mac OS Using a USB Connection – Learn at

USB setup for hp printer supports advanced features which can sometimes seem a little confusing, however by using this method,you can easily connect your Mac to the network

At we help you set up HP Printer in MacOS Using a USB Connection.


–(Refer Step 1 How to Set Up HP Printer – Easy Steps by, incase you have not set up your printer).

— On your Mac open a web browser and navigate to

— Click “Download” to save HP Easy Start to your Mac and then open the file.

— If a security prompt appears, click “Open”

— Review the Agreements and settings and then click the check box to agree to the terms, then click “Continue”.

— Then click “Continue” again.

— Select your printer model from the detected devices and click continue.

— Next you would get another prompt asking to select if its a wireless network or USB connection, click on USB connection and then click continue.

— Next there would be a question asking you Where is the printer located? Respond accordingly and continue.

— After this you would get to the install screen, here you will have to select your install options and then click on “Install”.

— If prompted then enter your Administrator user name and password

— Your installation is now complete, you can now start printing with hp printer.

HP Printer Setup Windows 10 with USB Connection –  Learn at

So just refer to and leave your worries behind.

Instructions :

— Install your HP printer in windows using HP Easy start.

— On your computer open a web browser and navigate to

–Select download to save HP Easy Start on your computer.

— Open the saved file to extract HP Easy Start.

— Next connect the USB cable to your computer and printer

— You would then get an agreement screen , you need to review it and then select the check box in order to agree to the terms. Select continue

—  Select your printer model from the detected devices and click continue.

— HP Easy Start would search for latest drivers and software for your printer.

— Next you would see all available drivers and softwares available including the ones that HP recommends.

— Select the software driver best suited for your printer and click continue to download the software.

–Once the download is complete you would see that the printer software extracts and opens automatically, here at this stage you can select on Customize Software Selections if you wish to or else simply select “Next”.

— The set up would then complete, it would take a few seconds so DO not refresh or turn off the computer. Once setup is complete select “Finish”.

— Your printer is now ready to use.

If you have an HP wireless printer and need support to set it up, then kindly check the instructions on to install / set up your hp wireless printer in the easiest way possible.

HP Wireless Printer Setup (Using Wifi protected Setup WPS) – Follow

Instructions :

— Connect your HP wireless printer to a wireless network using the push button method of WPS (Wifi Protected Setup)

— In order to connect your printer to WPS, you must have

1) A wireless HP printer that supports WPS push button mode,

2) A router with WPS button

3) A wireless network using WPA or WPA2 password.

— Please note you do not need a computer  to connect your printer to the network using WPS.

—  For printers with a wireless button (with the wireless icon) , press it and hold it for a few seconds until the lights on the icon blinks.

— If your printer doesn’t have a wireless button but has a touch screen with control panel and menus then simply go to the “Network Settings” or “Wireless Setting Menu”.

— Press on the Wifi Protected setup and touch start, then again touch “Push Button” and then start.

— Simultaneously on the router press and hold the WPS button until you see the lights blinking on it.

— You can utilize this hp wireless printer by printing from your mobile or computer.

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