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How To Style A Small Sectional Sofa With A Chaise

When you have a small apartment or a small living room, you have to make the most of the space you’re allowed. Instead of purchasing a full-size couch, you can style a small sectional sofa with chaise that’s about the size of a 2-seater love seat with a chaise on the end. 

A chaise lounge attached to a sectional sofa is the height of modern living: it provides an ample seating area without taking up too much living space, and besides, a chaise sofa is more stylish than a futon. You may think that because you only have a small space that you’ll never find a modern sofa to fit in it. 

Wrong! We made a list of the different types of sectional sofas below that will fit just about any space. We’ll also tell you how you can style them with other living room furniture and pieces of home decor.

Types Of Sectional Sofas

  • Sectional Sofa With Chaise: The chaise lounge, like the one on this loveseat, is one of the comfiest parts of a sofa. It can be a reversible chaise, meaning you can move it from one end of the sectional to the other. You can choose a left hand facing or right-facing chaise sectional sofa, depending on which configuration works better for your space. You can usually find a chaise lounge as part of a sectional set along with the sofa or loveseat in the middle. The lounge can also act as a sofa bed for guests or late nights on the couch. Some chaises are armless, in case you want to maximize the available lounge space.
  • Sectional Sofa With Recliner: A reclining sectional is a perfect choice when you want the ability to relax in your living space without always taking up a lot of room. A chaise will always stick out in a room, but a recliner can fold back up in the sectional couch. One of the best parts about this type of sectional is the back cushions and seat cushions are typically thick, plushy, and comfy. They also often come with cup holders, so you can keep your drink handy while you recline in style.
  • U-shaped Sectional Sofa: This type of couch, like this modular sectional, can be arranged in a U-shape to maximize space for socializing. Instead of making the television the focal point, you can face all the seats of the sectional toward each other. That way, you encourage friends and family to talk to one another instead of directing their attention away from the social circle. The U-shaped couch brings the “family” back to the “family room.” 

How To Style A Sectional Couch In Your Living Space

It’s easy to style a sectional. If it’s a reversible sectional sofa, you can rearrange the pieces to free up or take up space as needed, or even make a sleeper sofa. You can place other furniture like a storage ottoman or a coffee table in front of it to give people a place to set their feet or drinks. A storage ottoman doubles as extra storage, so it’s a perfect addition to a small space. 

You should also be aware of the type of upholstery your small space sectional is covered in. A leather sofa (or even faux leather sectional) or chenille will add texture and a sense of luxury to your living room. Alternatively, dark gray or light gray are two lovely, modern colors that blend well with any color scheme. Pay attention to the frame and the legs, too, and their color. A solid wood frame is usually best, as it is strong and sturdy. 

Finally, add some home decor such as throw pillows. These will brighten up your space and add flair. A good sectional sofa will fit your space and look stylish, too.

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