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How We develop a WordPress Design in Vancouver

There are two pieces of news, one good and one bad.

Let’s start with the bad one?

Good. Developing a site with WordPress takes time and attention.

The good one?

You are on the right article to solve all your doubts about it.

Oh, we forgot: knowing how to develop a website on WordPress to promote your products or services is like having 300% more power in the engine, so yours is definitely a good idea.

Of course, creating a WordPress design in Vancouver without having even minimal programming skills can be a real problem.

But don’t worry, you are not alone.

This guide is written especially for you and for those who, like you, are interested in knowing in detail how the creation of a site works.

What is WordPress? WordPress Design in Vancouver

WordPress is a content management tool, also called CMS (Content Management System), designed to easily develop and maintain a blog, website or online store.

This platform was born in 2003.

It was originally designed to develop and manage any type of blog, but over time it has become one of the most used CMS in the world. From a very simple structure and a small pattern of themes, there has been a notable evolution and we have moved on to choosing WordPress to create any type of website.

The platform also has an application development framework, which makes it even more attractive and interesting for those who need a complex website.

The features that have made it famous are the fact that it is an open-source platform and that it is simple to use.

The fact that it is free does not reduce its features and does not include limitations. Nobody can suspend your service, neither to censor your content nor for violations of the terms of service. This CMS can be used for any purpose, with complete freedom.

Now that you’ve brushed up on the definition of WordPress, if you’re not familiar with computing or programming, you’ll definitely want to know if:

is it suitable for the creation of your site?

Of course yes.

We can develop a unique WordPress design in Vancouver for our customers.

Why choose WordPress design in Vancouver

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. To put it mildly, it is installed on about 30% of all websites on the internet.

Although it is open source, in fact, it allows you to customize the site and use it for any type of project. The availability of plugins and extensions means that you can have a site with a unique design, making your brand recognizable and different from others.

You can also enter as many payment methods as you want. So that customers can use the one that is most convenient for them.

WordPress is also available in multilingual mode, as is Woocommerce, the e-commerce plugin designed to integrate WordPress.

It also has several marketing tools, so that you can contact your customers at a later time, with tailor-made promotions or communications. WordPress design Vancouver will provide you with the best and unique web presence.

What are the advantages of a site developed with WordPress

As we explained a few lines above, there are numerous advantages of creating a site with WordPress and below we will analyze several of them.

Increase brand recognition and positioning

If what you want is to make yourself known and show why users should choose your products , WordPress is a great solution.

When you create a web page, you open a series of opportunities to your potential customers: you can show them what you sell, how you sell it and what differentiates you from others.

Remember: there is no better place than the internet to sell .

Increase your sales

Virtual stores are open 24 hours a day , sales never stop and your customers can always visit you.

When you sell online you can offer a variety of payment methods , which is the main reason why customers prefer to buy from a website.

Attracts more customers

When you create your website you make your business traceable not only to those who live in the same city where the store is located, but literally to anyone.

Regardless of where your prospect is, they can access your services, look at the catalog of offers, and buy.

When you expand your sales possibilities, you attract more customers .

Retain existing customers

All web pages in the purchase form ask the customer to enter their personal data for the purchase to become effective.

Also ask for the email address, so that you can send your customers newsletters with reserved discounts or special information, to maintain relationships and create loyalty.

It reaches more markets

No matter how old or new your business idea is: once you create a web page, you can compete on all markets and reach the most remote places on earth.

When a company has a website it doesn’t need to invest in offline advertising: the digital world allows the brand to sell itself.

Which sites can you create with WordPress

WordPress is extremely versatile and is suitable for creating any type of website. There are really no limits for this CMS, since, where the platform itself does not arrive, there are many extensions and plugins with which to integrate it.

Thanks to this CMS you can create:

  • your blog or personal site – this was the destination of WordPress since its inception. Now the tools have been refined and offer many possibilities for customization;
  • the showcase website for your company: wp is very suitable for creating professional looking websites. It is used by many companies and allows you to implement features as the brand evolves;
  • an e-commerce site: there are several plugins to transform a WordPress website into a professional e-commerce. The best known is definitely WooCommerce, with which you can manage orders, payments, inventory, shipments;
  • a website for questions and answers (Q&A): these are Quora-like sites with which you can answer the questions that users ask themselves every day;
  • a client portfolio: if you are a freelancer, you can create a portfolio site to show your work to recruiters and your potential clients. With Word you can offer an interesting and more engaging user experience than a simple curriculum vitae or a paper catalog;

This list contains the most popular types of websites that can be built with WordPress. But you can also take advantage of this CMS for the creation of company directories, job boards, a coupon site, a website for podcasts, affiliate marketing, multilingual sites, encyclopedic sites, training sites.

But the possibilities that WordPress offers are truly endless.

In fact, if there is no plugin suitable for your project, don’t despair. You can always contact a specialized agency like ours to develop the right extension for you.

How to create a site with WordPress

One of the features that makes WordPress very functional is the separation between design, content and functionality.

What does it mean?

In practice, you can work on each of these areas without affecting the others: changing the design does not change the content, adding new features or content does not affect the other components.

This allows data to be transported easily without creating problems for the site.

Let’s see how these three areas are managed.

How content is uploaded to WordPress

Have you ever heard of the WordPress block editor?

It is a very suitable editor for beginners because it allows you to insert the contents and model them inside the blocks. So you can insert blocks for each element, from titles to paragraphs, from bulleted lists, to images and videos.

The block editor is the most used option although the classic editor can also be used , but it lacks many features.

Blocks allow you to add content from different folders. The multimedia files and images are stored in a folder while the texts are on a separate database.

Manage the design of a site in WordPress

WordPress offers a huge variety of themes with which to customize your site. Thanks to these predefined templates, you can manage the design of your site to give it a unique and exclusive look.

Each theme has different characteristics from the other and you can choose the one that best reflects the idea you have. Some themes have more customization options and you decide what you need. Depending on the theme, you have combinations of preset layouts, logos and colors available.

All themes have basic style sheets and template files .

If you prefer we can also create a custom WordPress theme , to create a new and truly unique layout.

Add plugins in WordPress

If the basic version of WordPress is not enough to make a project, you can install plugins. Plugins are add-ons that add new features to the site.

What does it mean?

If you need a contact form or want to work on the SEO of the site , you can add plugins designed specifically for the purpose of implementing these activities.

Some types of plugins have one or two features, while others constitute a real set of additional attributes.

In fact, in wp you can work on lead generation or improve the speed of the site, all to make the site more performing and the user’s navigation more satisfactory.

To install the most suitable plugins it is good to consult an expert since it is not easy to juggle the almost 60,000 plugins available for WordPress.

Contact web design Vancouver for the best designing and development services.

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