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Insight into Amazing Perks of Using Bluetooth As a Speaker

Bluetooth is a fascinating technology! When you play music on your wireless headphones, your headphones, smartphones transmit around a million 1s and 0s to your headphones every second using a bluetooth waveform sent to the speaker and converted into soundwaves.

But, how are million or so 1s and 0s wirelessly transmitted every single second between your smartphone and your wireless earbuds? To answer this, let’s explore the complete engineering behind Bluetooth and the principles of wireless communication.

Before digging into the details and specifications of Bluetooth, first, let’s begin with an analogy;

Analogy of Bluetooth

When you see a traffic light change color, you recognize the meaning of that changing color. What happens that traffic light uses a section of the electromagnetic spectrum of light to convey information. The green light has a wavelength of around 540 nanometers, yellow around 570 nanometers, and red around 700 nanometers.

Our eyes can easily distinguish between these different wavelengths of light, and the brain interprets these other wavelengths and the information they convey. Your smartphones and wireless earbuds communicate using electromagnetic waves in a somewhat similar fashion but utilize a different spectrum section.

Specifically, Bluetooth uses waves that are around 123 millimeters in wavelength. They’re invisible to the human eye and can generally pass through obstructions like walls, rather like visible light passing through the glass.

When your smartphone sends a long string of binary 1s and 0s to your earbuds, it communicates these 1s and 0s by designating a wavelength of 121 millimeters as a 1 and a wavelength of 124 millimeters as a 0, similar to the 540-nanometer green and 700-nanometer red colors of the traffic light.

Your smartphone’s antenna generates these two wavelengths and switches back and forth between them at an incredible rate of about a million times a second. With this process of switching between the two wavelengths, kind of like switching between red and green traffic lights, your smartphone can communicate around a million 1’s and 0’s every single second to your earbuds.

Amazingly, the engineers have designed the antennae and circuitry in your earbuds and smartphone to be attuned to sensing and transmitting these wavelengths back and forth to one another.

Frequency Range?

One point of interest is Bluetooth’s frequency range of 2.4 Gigahertz to 2.4835 Gigahertz is shared by other industrial and medical devices. For instance, your microwave in this Range has a frequency of 2.45 Gigahertz. When your microwave is on, it can cause your headphones to lose track of the 1s and 0s being sent by your smartphone, or put in other words; your headphones can lose a signal.

Don’t think your Bluetooth headphones are dangerous as they emit microwave-like wavelength! This would be like comparing the light output from stadium floodlights to the light from your smartphone screen and saying that because they use the same colors of light, they will both cause damage when stared at from a foot away.

Bluetooth 5.0 – A New Version with better function!

After many advanced versions of Bluetooth like 4.1, 4.2, now Bluetooth 5.0 is a significant new number that seems to signify a more considerable change. There are many things you must know what is new with Bluetooth 5.0. there are three main things that all enable one pretty dope new feature;

  1. 2x Faster: Bluetooth pairing is generally not that quick of process, you’ll have to do it very often, but it’s pretty slow if you connect many Bluetooth speakers in the meantime. But, if you do it with Galaxy s8, then Bluetooth 5.0 shows a direct advantage of data transferring twice as fast as the pairing process, and there’s a minor delay.
  2. 4x Range: The Range that’s been a real-world weakness or Bluetooth, depending on what pair of headphones you use. But sometimes you can be listening to music in your headphones; you leave your phone in another room, walk a little bit too far away; it starts cutting out and eventually stops; this happens all the time.
  3. 8x Data: Another notable improvement in Bluetooth 5.0 is, it has eight times the Data throughput of Allu tooth four, and this is where a lot of real-world improvements and features start to get enabled. First of all, this is benefits way beyond like audio for speakers.

Bluetooth is not necessarily used for speakers. But, it can also be used for Bluetooth beacons and parking meters, small wireless things. More data throughout through Bluetooth five can also help those, but it would be a two-lane highway going 40 miles an hour for 20 miles if you think about a Bluetooth stream-like highway.

Top 2 Best Bluetooth Speakers 2021

Here comes the main segment! Now I will share the list of top Bluetooth portable speakers wholesale that are highly trending in the market this 2021 because of their performance, price, and occasions these Bluetooth portable speakers wholesale could be beneficial.

1.      Vortex Sound Arc wave

My top choice for the best value Bluetooth speaker if you’re looking to get one of the best bangs for your buck within 60$. This Bluetooth speaker gives you excellent sound and long battery life in a portable design that you can take anywhere. The Arc wave is all black with a wraparound speaker grille and marked control buttons along the top, making it easy to use, and you’ll be able to pair it in a snap.

These acoustically engineered-based diaphragm speakers will make all your favorite tunes sound great. And, you’ll especially like the max DSP built-in audio processing that gives you crisp highs, clear mids, and deep lows at any volume level.

The Arc wave also comes with three sound modes that include a bass boost mode for bass heads, and with Bluetooth 5.0, you’ll have a solid connection with fewer drops and up to 100 feet of wireless Range to enjoy it anywhere.

This speaker can be used at BBQ parties, poolside, camping, in your home or office.

2.      Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

This portable Bluetooth speaker makes the best choice for a base Bluetooth speaker for under 200 $. This uses a passive radiator to pump out deep bass making it one of the best Bluetooth-based speakers to get it.

The cylindrical speaker is covered in a two-tone fabric that allows the sound to radiate 360 degrees. The rubber end caps protect the top and bottom of the speaker, and the charging port is protected by a rubber plug, making it ip67 waterproof, so you feel confident about taking it anywhere.

Though it’s built to be indestructible, yet it’s light enough to pack in a bag or move freely around the house. The magic button on top of the speaker allows you to play and pause songs, skip tracks, and choose a playlist you’ve set up using the ultimate ears boom app.

There’s even a handy fabric loop on the back to let you hang the speaker from a hook or clip. The 360-degree dispersion of sound is pretty impressive, solid, and well defined with exquisite detail and with added bass boost, which passive radiator throws in.

This speaker is simple to plug like a charging cable into the Micro USB port on the speaker’s back, and wireless charging is also available using an optional power-up dock.

It is the best for outdoor use where conditions can get a bit wet or muddy even if you drop it in the water.

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