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Is Stardew Valley Better Than Harvest Moon

Is Stardew Valley Better Than Harvest Moon

All right, we’re talking about Stardew Valley. This is the first game of 2016 that actually managed to keep my attention longer than a few hours.

I first bought it when it first came out and played it for a few minutes but ended up putting it on just because I was bored. I was so happy to be back in this game and gave it the time it needed to stabilize well to find out how amazing this game is.

Now I have to make a clear comparison between Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon which is the driving force behind the game.

I am amazed at what Stardew Valley has been able to do with the solid foundation already established by Harvest Moon. Stardew Valley has recently reached one million units sold which is great with a one-man show!

What makes this game so great? Let’s get into it! Stardew Valley includes all the features you would expect to find without a game like this. Fishing, farming, mining, animal, social, some news items, and many other hidden secrets like stardew valley wine you will find throughout this game.

What Elevates Stardew Valley

What elevates Stardew Valley to the next level however is that unless you already have what you expect to have in the game, they have that, and they can add the next level to each aspect.

A recovery and development program for those who are prepared for each of the unique skills you have in the Stardew Valley. For example, if you sell a certain number of crops you will measure and as you go up you will improve further in stardew valley greenhouse.

Once you have reached the fifth and tenth levels, you will be able to choose a particular technology depending on your inclination and what you want to pursue as a farmer.

This will add a whole new level of depth to the game of a kind never seen before. Along with five bachelors and bacheloretes you can marry and have children and start a family in Stardew Valley.

The social and minority features featured in Stardew Valley highly recommend farming and building things you can do throughout the game.

So while you are building your farm and setting up you can have distractions that you can use to complete your day.

For example, flirting with someone who might be a husband or wife or engaging in other small details that you can open by checking and talking to certain people throughout the game.

This combination of building your farm on the one hand and on the other hand, engaging in all aspects of social issues and issues makes for an incredibly addictive game to play. You will find that there is always something you want to achieve next.

Save Money To Get A Farm And Buy Animals

Whether you save money to get a farm and buy animals and see what that is all about, or if you get involved in some of the private affairs for example the Stardew Valley community story.

It tries to save things to open up different areas in that story. You will become addicted to this game and want to get the next lump as soon as possible.

I have some minor complaints about this game, and these are holding me back a bit from being so excited about this game that I could be a little bit younger.

For example geography of Stardew Valley, there are some strange categories. I do not like the forest area at all, it may be a little confusing.

There are rivers that divide and the way the camera works you can only see a certain amount at a time so if you look at the property passing by it will be difficult to keep track of where you have been and you will end up just spending time around the circles.

And, things differently in relation, there were some strange decisions there. There is a shortcut from your farm to the carpenter’s shop, but if you could get to the carpenters from the city it could take a long time.

There are a few geographical problems like the ones that I think might go back to having this kind of map but I was annoyed by some points. And Stardew Valley treats you like an adult and doesn’t hold a hand at all.

There are some powerful events coming up throughout the game that if you are not really sure you will want it or know what is going on you will not know what to do with it.

For example, there was an event that happened to me that opened up a certain area that I just didn’t know what it meant so I never was able to use that until I researched online and found it. With so many things to do in a game like this, it’s really hard to find in the game what the best course you can take.

Online Communities

Now online communities are very good at providing excellent advice on what kind of strategies to follow in the game. How to destroy the most beautiful things, plants, animals, and art objects you have to make to increase your profits but I have found that I have to look online for this which has taken away from my game experience.

I felt like I was cheating and I wasn’t getting the game by myself. So I played blindly, I didn’t look at anything, that’s what I recommend for outside players to do.

Don’t worry about having a well-crafted farm with the best things, just play the game the way you would like, get things on your own. I promise it will be very beneficial.

What Stardew Valley has done in the style of HarvestMoon, the field of farming, the story-based RPG, whatever you want to call its genre has captured and attracted the attention of all fans of that genre.

I look forward to what this developer can do in the future. He has already played a major role in Reddit communities, asking for feedback from his players and explaining different patch updates and what’s going on.

I’m really impressed with this game in every way, its growth, and how it plays out. And for this reason, my last decision for Stardew Valley is nine out of ten!

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