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Latest Electrical Safety Gadgets To Install In Your Home

Household electronics are a blessing and a curse. These are convenient, have helped us live more comfortable lives, and enabled us to do things like watch Netflix from the comfort of our couch with minimal fuss. But at the same time, they’ve brought us all manner of new devices that none of us had even heard of until a few years ago (let alone contemplated installing in our homes). 

It’s crucial to take advantage of how easily these new devices can get installed today by upgrading your older model. 

Here are four recent electrical safety gadgets you should consider adding to your home right away:


Fuses protect your home from fire by interrupting power flow in the event of an overload. If your fuse blows and no one is around to reset it, the circuit will get protected from further damage, and you will not have to replace the fuse.

If you do not install the fuses properly, it will cause an overload of the electrical circuits and cause a fire. Fuses can also help prevent electric shock by separating hot and neutral wires in your circuit. Electrical fuses are available in different types and sizes depending on your needs. You can find them in both indoor and outdoor fuse boxes.

You can hire a reputed Electrician in Redlands to get your hands on Fuses.


Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are a must-have for all homes and businesses. They help prevent electrical shock by automatically shutting off power when there is a problem with the wiring in your home. There are two types of GFCIs: 

  1. Ground-fault circuits are used to protect the person who is touching the live wires. This type of GFCI only works if there is a complete circuit break between the live wires, not just a single contact point. 
  2. These trip switches only work if there is a complete circuit break between the live wires, not just a single contact point. You can install these on all electrical systems, including hot water and gas lines, windows or doors, and outdoor lighting.

ARC Breakers

Installation of ARC Fault Circuit Breakers is a critical safety measure to protect your home from potential electrical shocks. It is crucial for older homes, as wiring may be less reliable. 

If your home is from the 1960s, it’s likely to have non-metallic sheathed wiring. These wires are prone to fraying. If they break, they can result in an electrical shock. It is why it is crucial to install an ARC Fault Circuit Breaker on every circuit in your home. It will protect you from any arcing or overheating from faulty wiring. You can make the right decision by reaching out to Future Solutions Electrical company.

Surge Protectors

In the past, most people believed that a surge protector was to protect appliances and electronics from power surges. However, a surge protector is a must-have tool for protecting your home from power outages and other natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. A surge protector can help keep your lights on and your appliances running during power outages by diverting excess energy away from sensitive electrical equipment. 


As technology continues to improve, more and more devices are available that allow us to be more connected to the outside world. Be sure to cover all your bases by hiring reputed Electricians in Redlands. Doing so will help protect you and your family from the dangers of electrical shock and potential fires.

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