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Learn here about how to play cricket

The cricket or cricket is a sport in which two elements are used: a bat and a ball. We could say that it is the English pair of baseball, although they are different disciplines. In this article we will tell you about this discipline and how to practice it.

Cricket history

The origins of cricket are not very well known, although it is believed that it was invented by a group of children during the Middle Ages in the British towns of Sussex and Kent .

Another theory claims that Prince Edward of Nawenden was practicing it around 1300.

A certain Flemish influence is also attributed to this sport due to a 1533 poem written by the playwright John Skelton . He stated that ‘flamingos are the kings of crekettes , curved sticks used to hit a ball’.

What we can say is that cricket is an English sport with all the letters. Starting in the 19th century, the rules were set and in 1975 the first World Cup was played

In addition to being popularly played in England, it is played in the countries of the Commonwealth of Nations including Canada, Australia, and Jamaica – and in the Indian subcontinent, it is a mass sport.

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Cricket basics

Cricket pits two teams of 11 players each on an elliptical grass pitch similar in size to soccer. In the center is the pitch, a rectangular field without grass.

The object of the game is to score runs. Batters play in pairs, one at each end of the pitch. As with baseball and softball, the idea is to hit the ball as far as possible so that outfield players can score a run.

A match can consist of one or two tickets per team. In the latter case, it is played over several days (from three to five, depending on whether it is a national or international match).

Each day six hours are played — three sessions of two hours each — and there are two breaks: one for lunch and one for tea.

The two important elements of cricket are the bat and ball. The first must be made of wood (the handle is a combination of cane and wood) with a maximum length of 965 mm, a width of no more than 108 mm, and a weight of between 1.1 kg and 1.4 kg.

As for the ball, it is similar to the one used to play tennis: cork core and covered with layers of rope. When sewn by hand, it presents an imperfection that does not allow it to be completely circular.

There are different types of bowling and, in some cases, the launches reach 150 km/hour. It all depends on the ability of the pitcher, the use of the ball, and the weather conditions since it is played outdoors.

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How to play cricket

If you are interested in playing cricket, you need to meet certain basic conditions or requirements. Among them, the following stand out:

1. Clothing and equipment

To practice this sport properly, you need at least six stumps (pieces of wood to create the wicket or wicket ), four crossbars or bails, two bats, and a ball.

In some cases, goalkeepers wear safety accessories. The other players wear long pants, long or short-sleeved shirts, and shoes with or without spike bases. The uniforms are entirely white (or with some details in another color).

2. Playing field

The cricket ground is large, oval in shape, and open air. It has a dividing line on the outer edge and in the center, the pitch .

The court measures 10 meters long by 3 meters wide. The attack or batting lines, the return lines, the throwing lines, and the outer lines are marked.

3. Rules of the game

The object of cricket is to score more points (runs) than the other team. When a team has the bat, it is called a ‘batter’; the other is the defender. Batters hit the ball thrown by defenders and change position with each out.

4. The wickets and the out

There are many rules of cricket, so the best way to learn them is to start playing. Keep in mind that it is a sport with a lot of tradition and well-defined routines.

For example, it is played in summer between 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., with cuts for lunch and tea, in the best British style.

Knockdown of the Witches by the Pitcher

The thrower to make the throw will take the balance and will end up doing it on the line of the extremity of the rectangle.

If he manages to hit and knock down one of the 3 sticks of the “Witches” after the ball has struck the ground once, the Staff is eliminated.


As in baseball, if after the Batter sends the ball out, a Defender gets caught before it hits the ground, then the Baton is eliminated.

Knockdown del Witches for a Defender

If after the striker hits the ball out and begins to make changes with the other batter to score points, if a defense that catches.

the ball sends from afar and hit and knock down one of the witchet rods or send the Recetor Defense and this to tear down.

How the Game Ends

In the game you define a certain number of Overs per inning and a certain number of games. An Over is 6 throws in a row by a player.

Once these Overs have been reached by the team or get to eliminate 10 beaters or 10 knock down 10 times the witchet.

the game ends and the team that was attacking goes on to defend and vice versa.

We cannot deny that cricket is not the most popular sport in these parts, however.

it has a large mass of followers in other countries such as England or India.

It is precisely for this reason that Game Dot Play has thought of giving new air to the existing experiences for this sport, proposing the use of Kinect in its Cover Drive project .

In fact, this project that starts from this modest Pakistani study, already has some evidence of its possible popularity, moreover,

for providing something more complete than pressing a combination of buttons.

“It is a game of cricket that can be played with real gestures rather than an input device.

It offers the opportunity to use the stick against the AI ​​and to score as many runs as possible without losing the view screen, “they argue on their Facebook page .

For now, the title seems to focus solely and exclusively on the action of hitting the ball, however,

this study may have more ambitious plans for what Cover Drive can offer as a complete product.

An interesting proposal that seems to want to show that

Kinect can still be used to improve the gaming experience, or to make it more realistic. Hopefully, there is no one who gets the stick out of their hands.

There is time until Game Dot Play specifies more information, as it could be on which platforms

Cover Drive will see the light, however, the first steps have been taken and the product can now be released.

Cricket game

The game of cricket is a bit complex and very different from any other sport, having very specific rules and the way of playing as well, although some claim that it is similar to baseball (perhaps only in some respects).


Each team is made up of 11 players, being that the field does not have a defined dimension, only having as an obligation that it be wide.

It is normally oval in shape and consists of 3 areas:

  • Rectangle  – This one has two zones on it. A central zone and two ends (which have an “H”).

In the central area of ​​the rectangle are 2 Baton Attackers, which have a cricket cue.

At the lower end is the launcher and at the upper end is the receiver to collect the balls.

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