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Legal Terms that can Help You During A Personal Injury Claim

Before you file a personal injury claim, there are things that you should learn. You will wan tot understand every step of the process you are embarking on so that you aren’t surprised at any point. Your lawyer in Roseville, CA can help you understand the process, but there are things you can learn on your own before you even seek a lawyer out.

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The first things is to get an understanding of important terms so you understand your lawyer when discussing your case. It is important that before you fix your appointment with the William McFarlane law firm, you should get some basic knowledge about these law terms.

Accident Report

This is an official document describing an accident. Police officers and hospital staff will fill these out as they are unbiased third parties. This important document makes it possible for you to file a personal injury claim.


A claim is a demand for something considered one’s due. This means that you are claiming compensation during a personal injury case because you are owed it by the responsible party. This is the term used in a civil court proceeding because nothing truly criminal has occurred.

Contingency Fee

This is what you will pay your Roseville Personal Injury Lawyer after you win your personal injury claim. Usually this is a 33% take from your compensation. Most personal injury lawyers will only charge the fee if they get money for you. (Don’t forget that if you lose, you still owe court fees!)

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This comprises the money you are seeking and awarded in a personal injury claim. Damages include medical pills, pain and suffering, and lost wages due to the inability to work.


When you file a lawsuit, you and your attorney in Roseville, CA are the plaintiff. The responsible party or the one you are seeking compensation from is the defendant. They have to defend themselves against your claim.


Anyone who is responsible for something has a liability. You are liable for your actions, safety at your business, or for your animals.


This is the most important word in a personal injury claim. In order to be awarded compensation, you have to prove negligence. Negligence means that they didn’t do what they were supposed to do and this caused your accident.

family law solicitors

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