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Travel and Leisure

Mistakes every first-timer should avoid when Renting a car

Airport charges a premium on everything. Similarly, when you rent a vehicle directly from the airport, they are going to charge you extra money. For instance, many car rental services charge QAR 150 for airport pick up.  

Avoid Airport Fees 

Airport charges a premium on everything. Similarly, when you rent a vehicle directly from the airport, they are going to charge you extra money. For instance, many car rental services charge QAR 150 for airport pick up.  

If you think you can afford the luxury, go for it. But if you are looking to save some bucks, then don’t directly book from the airport. Instead, go to the nearest car rental showroom and get a car that meets your requirements at low prices.  

Do you really need that insurance? 

Whether it is a car rental company or an organisation that sells some other services, every company loves to upsell and make some extra bucks. Before you buy any insurance, what you need to assure is that your auto insurer or credit card does not insure you for the service. Some insurance companies cover the collision damage, while some even cover personal liability. 

When you rent from a company, they will insist you to buy the insurance. But don’t give in and tell them bluntly that you don’t need another redundant insurance.  

Do your research beforehand 

Don’t just go to any car rental showroom. When you plan to rent a car, do your research. Check out different car rental websites online and then compare prices.  

There are also some third-party car rental websites which allow you to see different prices on the same screen which makes it easier for you to compare the prices. 

Fill the gas tank 

While it may seem convenient to let a car rental agency fill the gas tank when you drop off, it will cost you some money. Yes, car rental companies will charge you money if you return the car without filling up the gas tank.  

If your car had a full gas tank when you picked it up, then always keep some time in your schedule for filling up the gas tank.  

Some car rental agencies will even ask you for the receipt of the fuel. This sometimes gets frustrating. So, it is always better to rent a car from a renowned car rental agency. 

Not booking car rental in advance 

This may sound a little surprising but if you simply walk up to a car rental agency and ask them for a car right away, they are going to charge you a high amount. A good way to rent a car is by booking a car, few days earlier or at least 24 hours early. 

In case you need to book a car urgently, try booking a car from a small vendor as they might provide you with a vehicle at a low price after successful negotiations. 

Don’t give the car to any other driver 

If you want the car to be driven by someone else, the car rental agency will charge you an additional driver fee. If you don’t need to travel along distances, then don’t buy an additional driver and stick to driving it yourself 

Check the age policy beforehand  

Many car rental agencies don’t let people rent a car if they are below 21, while a few won’t let you drive if you are under the age of 25. Some car rental agencies charge extra rental fees. 

Decide which vehicle you need 

Before you rent a car, identify your needs and make yourself aware of which body type you require. For instance, if you are going for a picnic on a beach with a large group of friends, you are going to need a minivan that can accommodate everyone. On the other hand, if you are going on a family trip, a sedan would do that. 

SUVs are another good vehicle that will come in handy if you are planning to go on an uneven terrain. 

In a nutshell 

The following are some tips for people who are renting for the first time and are looking for cheap car rentals. 

  • Don’t rent from the airport 
  • Don’t buy extra insurance 
  • Fill the gas tank before dropping off 
  • Do your research and compare prices 
  • Book in advance 
  • Avoid additional driver fee 
  • Check the age policy 
  • Decide which vehicle you want to rent 


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