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Mobile tracker app for digital parenting Review

Are you one of those concerned parents who want to know why children are spending so much time on their mobiles connected to the internet? Moreover, you may have heard about cyber predators and on the other side, you are concerned about your child’s social media activities. So, you want to do surveillance on kids’ and teens’ digital phones and want to perform digital parenting on their all mobile activities. All you need to do is to have the best mobile tracker app to monitor your children’s activities on their cellphones to make sure their safety online.

What is a mobile tracking app?

It is a well-renowned cell phone spy app that enables parents to perform online parenting on kid’s mobile devices.  It is specifically developed and designed to protect children from digital nightmares. It is packed with ultimate surveillance tools for mobile devices. The powerful and study tools enable parents to track every single activity of children on their mobile phones. You can easily get your hands on its powerful tools once you have successfully installed it on a target device. The powerful features are easy to navigate and you can upload the information on your web portal account.


When it comes to its usage on the target device you should know about the compatibility. It is fully compatible with all contemporary tablets and mobile devices running with Android OS. Moreover, it will remain hidden even on the latest version of Android OS 10.

How to get a best mobile tracker app?

If you want to get your hands on a mobile tracking app to track your children’s online activities then you need to visit the official website of OgyMogy. Now you need to get the subscription online once you are on the webpage. Furthermore, you have to have possession of the device physically and start the installation process. Now complete the setup on target mobile and further use the credentials and activate the web portal account. In addition to that, you can visit the following mentioned features to perform digital parenting on kid’s digital devices.

Use mobile surveillance software features for digital parenting

Call recording

You can record all kinds of calls like incoming and outgoing and listen to the live calls and safe data on the web.

Social media tracker

You can get the logs of all the installed social messaging apps on the target cellphone device using IM’s logging tool. You can get the logs in terms of messages, chat, audio-video chat, media sharing, and voice messages.

Read messages

You can get access to the target device using a web portal and read sent or received a text message with a message tracker.

GPS location tracker

You can track the current and pinpoint the location of your child with a location tracking app for mobile. In addition to that, you can get to know location history, weekly location history and you can mark safe and restricted areas.


You can further details of the mobile tracking software feature visiting its official websites. Furthermore, you can use these tools for the digital parenting of children.

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