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Most usual Dryer Hitch and Fixes

Most people don’t realize the importance of having a dryer or other appliance repair until it malfunctions or becomes out of service. Neglecting small problems can give rise to huge hassle and result in unnecessary and frequent repairs which can cause a lot of trouble and disturb your whole budget. So, it’s vital to keep a track of your dryer and take sudden action whenever you experience a problem with your dryer no matter small or big.

No doubt that dryer problems can be fixed easily at home with DIY hacks without hiring a professional but it’s also necessary to find a professional Orange County appliance repair technician who can help you in an emergency and can fix the issue easily.

Most common Dryer problems and solutions

There are situations when the dryer abruptly malfunctions or becomes out of service because of excessive or improper usage. Below is the list of most common dryer issues and their solutions which can help you adapt to resolve the issues.

  • The dryer not turning on

In case, your dryer is not turning on then, the first thing you must do is to check the power plug and make sure it is getting electricity. Apart from this, you must check the breakers and make sure they aren’t tripped. If all the things seem fine then, you should disconnect all the wires and reconnect them. After all of this, If the dryer doesn’t turn on then there’s a possibility that the door switches are faulty or the plunger is broken or bent.

So, in order to find out the cause of the issue and restore your dryer to its erstwhile condition, you must procure the services of the best Orange County appliance repair technician who specializes in Dryer repair of all sizes and models and can restore them effectively and efficiently.

  • Dryer making strange noises

If you are experiencing a buzzing or squeaking sound coming from your dryer then, it may be because of a broken drum seal. The main reason for this is overloading. So, to correct the issue you must replace the drum seal with a new one. Although you can replace the drum seal yourself at home, it’s always advisable to hire a professional technician for the repair task. Also, hiring a professional is your best bet because self-repair can sometimes enhance the damage and can cause huge hassle.

  • Dryer not heating properly

There can be numerous reasons for dryer heating issues but the most usual one is a faulty thermal fuse which is a result of overloading or clogged filters. So, to correct the issue, you must replace the thermal fuse with a new one and for this, you need to hire a professional Orange county appliance repair technician. Along with this, you must try to clean the filters at regular intervals from now on to reduce the risk of sudden malfunction and also to prolong the life expectancy of the dryer.

  • The dryer shuts down repeatedly

In case, your dryer is not functioning properly and shuts down repeatedly then, there may be an issue with the thermostat. The thermostat can malfunction sometimes if there is improper ventilation or if there’s a blockage in the lint screen. So, to correct the issue you must clean all the components of the thermostat and try checking it once again. If the problem still exists then, you must replace the thermostat to correct the issue.

Why hire professional services?

No doubt that dryer repair can be done at home with the help of DIY troubleshooting videos but, if you don’t have enough knowledge and skills then, it’s very risky and can cause huge health problems or may lead to the permanent breakdown of the dryer. So, it’s best to let the professionals do the repair task as professionals possess the necessary skills and knowledge to identify the issue properly and can correct the problems productively.

So, it’s always the best option to hire a specialist who is known for providing the best Orange County appliance repair services in case you are experiencing problems with your dryer. Along with this, you must make sure to schedule professional services for routine check-ups to keep your dryer in top condition the whole year.

In Orange County, there are dozens of companies that claim to provide best and cheap services but you must choose the company that can fulfill your needs effectively and can provide you the best service experience. So, there are few things you must check before hiring a professional which can help you to choose the best company for you.

  •         Incessant customer services
  •         Utmost transparency
  •         Affordable rates
  •         Phone call assistance
  •         After Service guarantee
  •         Years of experience


There are times when you have to face issues with your dryer but, you should try to keep your calm and also plan competitive strategies in advance to avoid any type of hassle. Also, there are many dryer problems which you can fix at home but, it’s always wise to hire a specialist to do the job. Because hiring professional Orange County appliance repair services can help you save a ton of money and effort and also lower the risk of additional damage to the appliance.

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