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Onion and Honey: A Natural Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction

Onion and honey are natural remedies for curing erectile dysfunction.

Onion and honey are natural remedies for curing erectile dysfunction. The concoction is part of natural remedies that are prescribed by traditional medicine experts to male who do not want to use medicines to boost erectile issues.

Onion in combination with honey does the trick in preventing several issues that impact the erection process. Onion in raw form or in juice helps a male in burning calories. It also clears the blood vessels of any obstruction of blood flow. Onions are also considered as aphrodisiacs. The combination of all these benefits improves erection of a male.

Onion and honey for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is result of many physical issues in addition to several mental and psychological issues. Onion cures several underlying causes that lead to erection issue. Quercetin in onion burns fat. It is one of the essential ingredients to cure obesity that is host of several lifestyle diseases. Quercetin also reduces inflammation in the body. The role of onion in lowering blood pressure directly benefits erection process as a higher blood pressure is dead enemy of erection process.

Health benefits of onions that help erection process

Onions also contain some vitamin C, vitamin B-6, calcium, iron, fibre, folate, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorous, which are all good for your health. They are the excellent natural remedy to control weight gain. The fiber in onions gives feeling of being full, which prevents overeating. The fiber also promotes good digestion, which is a first step towards a healthy body. The sulfur compounds lower the blood pressure naturally, thus checking the emergence of erectile dysfunction due to blood pressure issues.

Reduce tummy fat for a better erection

Tummy fat lowers your ability to test the potential of their erection. Instead of popping up drugs or supplements, rely on onions and honey to get the result without side effect. Use the low calorie, low cholesterol, and no fat onion to burn the fat through increased metabolism.

Onion with honey doubles natural benefits

It will be a bit uneasy for a male to consume onion juice without any change in it. Honey makes it easy to take the concoction in the morning on the empty stomach. Combination with honey, the onion eliminates all toxics and extra fat from the stomach. Honey itself is a weight loss stimulator. The combination of honey and onion works faster than any weight losing supplement. Increase your metabolism boosting properties through daily intake of honey onion mixture early in the morning on the empty stomach.

Boost testosterone levels

Low testosterone levels in some male leads to erectile dysfunction by lowering the libido. It has been observed that a man with low libido cannot get full benefit from Sildenafil citrate 200mg, a dose prescribed by doctors for a higher resistance to erection. This is due to the fact that stimulation is needed for an erection. Low libido prevents gain from stimulation reaching erection process.

So, increase use of onions as a natural booster to testosterone levels. Medical study on rats showed that rats on onion juice diet increased their testosterone levels by whopping 300 %. The same effect is noticed in males who consume the higher quantity of onions in salads and in food items as taste enhancer. Some males who want a dramatic result can use onion juice with honey to make it appealing.

Keep down bad fat low

LDL, low density lipoproteins, the bad cholesterol blocks blood flow by reducing space of blood flow inside arteries. Gradually by sticking with inner walls of blood vessels, LDL prevents blood flow to pelvic area.

Raw onions have shown positive impact on destruction of bad cholesterol in arteries. Males with high intakes of onions as salads or in food items, cuts the risk of cholesterol formation. Anyone with high cholesterol levels can take onions with honey to make the diet palatable for fast relief from cholesterol. A male on Levitra 40mg, can reduce the dose levels after few weeks.


Onion and honey as natural remedy for male health boost general healthy. Regular intake of onion juice with honey to make it palatable, checks weight gain, lowers blood pressure, and clears blood arteries of any cholesterol blockage. The end result is improved blood circulation. Improved blood circulation overcomes any erection difficulties because at the cellular level, erection issue is lack of smooth blood flow.

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