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Online Coaching: Effective Teaching Tips 

Twelfth class is the senior phase of schooling for students. After completing this senior secondary education, students go for their higher learning programs. To get admission in desired undergraduate courses and governmental or private colleges, doing well in the twelfth standard is quite important. The academic streams of science, commerce, and humanities become complex in this class, and only dealing with these subjects alone is difficult for students too.

 Therefore students go for additional help and coaching. With the better flexibility, convenience, comfort, and cost-effectiveness provided, students prefer taking online coaching. Educators look for a platform to sell courses online for senior secondary students.  Thus, it’s a  key responsibility of online coaching teachers to teach effectively to twelfth-class learners. Let us discuss some tips that online educators can follow in this regard. 

Online teaching tips to twelfth class students 

  1. Ask students to be regular in the classes

In senior secondary classes, the academic subjects are complex and detailed. To understand these subjects well, consistency and regularity in the classes are very important. By being irregular, students not only miss the topics being taught on that particular day but also their understanding of further lessons is also affected. Online classes offer great flexibility and convenience, so students must be regular with the classes. This will help them to receive a quality education, be a part of all learning activities, and get instant answers to their doubts. 

  1. Use technology to teach 

When academic subjects are difficult, understanding them from textbooks becomes complex too. Therefore, online educators should not limit their teaching to textbooks and must switch to technology. By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, visual notes, graphs, and more.

 With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. Also, learning has become much more interesting and less stressful for students. Other than using technology for researching the platforms to create and sell courses online, use technology to teach in the class too. This will contribute to your teaching and course success. 

  1. Ensure that students self-studies every day

In senior secondary classes, only depending on the teachers won’t be enough. This way, students come to the classes unprepared and keep piling up the syllabus which becomes difficult to complete later in one go. To be an effective online teacher, ask your senior secondary learners to be accountable and self-study every day. Ask them to keep their classroom learning and self-studies going hand in hand. By learning, and revising every day, academic success is guaranteed. 

  1. Ensure note-making

Ask students to make notes in online live classes. When students will be asked to make notes, they will become more attentive in the classroom. They will listen to the teachers carefully to jot down the important pointers emphasized by them. Note-making will help to make studies more systematic and easy to approach. Using class notes, students can learn and revise better during self-studies time. 

  1. Prepare students well for boards

In class twelfth, the central board of secondary education conducts board exams for students. To do well in these exams, effective preparation holds utmost importance. So do help your students with the board exam preparation. 

Sample paper practice: to prepare for boards well, sample paper practice is very important. Wind up the syllabus timely and utilize the remaining time for sample paper practice in the classroom. This will help students to know what is the current learning status and what more needs to be done for improvement. They will also get familiar with the exam pattern, important questions asked repetitively, the marking scheme, and time management too. 

Share exam-giving tips: don’t forget to teach your students the right exam-giving tips. Tell students to always read the questions carefully, and frame to the point answers. Secondly, ask them to keep a track of the time and maintain a proper writing pace. With time management, students will be able to revise the paper in the end and make necessary corrections. Also, tell students to be positive and give their best. 


For effective senior secondary learning, students prefer taking online coaching. By following the above-mentioned tips educators can conduct effective and understandable online coaching for twelfth-class students. This will help students in academic success and also ensure the professional and financial growth of the teachers. 

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