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 Pet Logistic: 5 Tips You Need To Know

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could travel the world with your pet? What if we tell you that this is possible?

Pet logistics, commonly known as pet shipping, is a logistics service that deals with transporting pets from one place to another. The most popular mode of transportation used by these services is air because it is the fastest and safest mode of transport for pets.

However, multiple documentation is needed while transporting an animal from one place to another. These documents include vaccination certificates, import permits, rabies titer tests, and other health certificates. On the surface, the whole process may seem complicated, but by following the tips listed below, you will be able to navigate it in no time.

1. Research on the Rules and Regulations Regarding Moving Pets and Implement Them

The first step you should take is to research the rules and regulations regarding moving your pet as it varies from country to country. It will help if you prepare your pet’s documents based on your initial research before approaching a professional pet logistics service provider.

As mentioned before, proper documentation is needed to transport your pets from one country to another. Usually, customs officers only ask for the import permit alongside national and international health certificates. However, it may not always be the case, as the policies are different across the world. Moreover, gathering necessary documents beforehand will help you save precious time and effort.

2. Read Up on the Policies of Different Airlines Regarding Moving Pets

Other than researching the rules and regulations of a country regarding transporting pets, you should also read up on the transportation policies of the airlines you are planning to use.

Contact their head office and ask them about their guidelines, so you know the documents you need to prepare. By doing so, you can easily travel and explore the country with your pet without worrying about unnecessary formalities.

3. Start Training Your Pet for the Journey

It is a good idea to train your pet on how to behave while it is being transported. It can get stressful for pets to be confined in a small space for a longer time. However, training your pet for the journey can help them overcome this stress, and remain calm during the trip.

You can start by making them comfortable with the idea of being in a smaller space such as a box or a cage. It can be done by training your pet to stay in a box for a specific amount of time each day and continue doing this for a week. It will help the pet get used to being in a confined space, resulting in the journey being less stressful for you and the animal.

4. Confirm With Your Vet if Your Pet is Ready to Move

Check with your vet to confirm if your pet is healthy and fit enough to travel. Many pet owners overlook their pet’s health, which they regret later when their pets start showing symptoms of anxiety upon landing in a new country. Also, make sure to get your pet vaccinated and go through the required health examinations to enter the country you are traveling to.

5. Contact a Professional Pet Logistic Service Provider

You can choose from several services to help you transport your pet to the desired location. The expert knowledge these service providers have will help in guiding you on each step of the process. As a result, the chances of you making an error also decreases, helping you save time and money, and bringing comfort to your pet during the trip.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are traveling for a vacation or are moving permanently to a new place with your pet, pet logistics is something that you have to consider while transporting your pet to a new location. The amount of paperwork required can seem a bit intimidating at first, but by following the tips given above, your pet can get transferred to the desired location in no time.

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