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Say Good-Bye To Your Flabby Tummy With Yoga For Abs

Lack of physical exercise, unhealthy eating habits, and increased stress levels are all major factors contributing to a flabby tummy. Don’t you feel like you need to change these bad habits and get your body on track? If the answer is yes, then it’s high time that you start practicing yoga for abs, my friend, because an outgrown tummy is never good.

Scroll down and walk through the topmost yoga poses to reduce tummy fat and start glowing again.

Best 5 Yoga Poses To Get Rid of Tummy Fat

Cobra Pose [Bhujangasana]

  • Start by laying flat on your stomach against the ground.

  • Tuck your toes in and push your shoulders up.

  • Next, place both your palms right beside your face.

  • Take the support of your palms and shoulders while lifting your upper body.

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    Note: Make sure that your abdomen is in contact with the ground.

  • Look straight ahead while you are performing the Cobra pose.

  • Hold this pose for at least 30 to 45 seconds and come back to your normal position.

    Bow Pose [Dhanurasana]

  • Begin by laying on the yoga mat with your arms by your sides.

  • Kick your legs slightly upwards while bending the knees.

  • Then, without adding too much pressure, grab hold of your toes gently.

  • Stretch your body up as much as you can while facing ahead of you.

  • While stretching, make sure that your stomach and lower abdomen are touching the yoga mat.

  • Hold this pose for about 15 to 30 seconds and slowly release.

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Plank Pose [Kumbhakasana]

  • Lie on your stomach with your arms stretched by your sides.

  • Tuck your toes in and lift your body up with the support of your arms.

  • Look ahead while performing this pose.

    Note: To tone your abs properly, try to keep your body as erect as possible.

  • Hold this pose for a maximum of 30 seconds to avoid pressurizing yourself.

    Boat Pose [Naukanasana]

  • Sit on your yoga mat with your legs stretched out in front of you and back erect.

  • Keep your arms by your sides and try to relax your shoulders as much as you can.

  • Then, hold your tummy in and raise your legs and arms at the same time.

  • Try to position your legs at 45 degrees till the time your body does not make a V shape.

  • Take slow and steady breaths while performing this pose and hold it for about one minute.

    Seated Forward Bend [Paschimottanasana]

  • Start by sitting with your back straight and legs stretched out right in front of you.

  • Stretch your arms over your head and slowly bend forward to touch your toes.

    Note: Ensure that your nose is touching is close to the knees.

  • Hold this pose for 45 to 60 minutes and then relax your body.

Caution: Before performing yoga for abs poses mentioned above, do not forget to consult your doctor in case you have an illness or are injured.

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