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SEO Company Near Me: How To Choose the Right SEO Agency

SEO Company Near Me: How To Choose the Right SEO Agency

Did you know that approximately 46% of Google searches are local, and nearly 75% of people never look past the first page of Google search results?

You’ll need to get noticed on Google to grow as a business. However, searching for an “SEO company near me” can be an overwhelming experience. How do you know you’re choosing the right company for your business needs?

Luckily, you can keep reading this SEO company guide to learn how to find the best SEO company for your business!

How to Find an “SEO Company Near Me”

When you search Google for an “SEO company near me,” your first step is to narrow down your search. To do this, you’ll need to focus on specific factors that include:

Understand Your Business Goals

Remember, the key to choosing a company is to understand your business goals and what type of outcome you’d like to achieve.

Maybe you want your business to appear on Google’s first page when people use specific local keywords to search. In this case, you’ll need to learn about local SEO so you can focus on a solid local SEO plan.

Look at the SEO Company’s Past Performance

Proven past performance is one of the most critical factors in your decision-making process.

Remember, it’s easy for an SEO company to say they can get the job done, but truly successful companies have proven and measurable results available for potential clients to look through.

You can check an SEO company’s past performance by reviewing a variety of factors, such as:

  • Portfolio examples
  • Case studies
  • Client testimonials
  • Industry rewards

You can also take a look at the company’s website. Does their website rank high in Google searches? Is it easy to navigate? You can also look at some of the other companies they’ve worked with and see how they rank on Google.

Talk With Past or Current Clients

Don’t be afraid to connect with their past or current clients. After reading through testimonials, you can get further insight into how it is to work with the company.

Be sure to check with 3 to 5 clients and find out how they like working with the company. Get essential information like:

  • How fast the company returns calls and emails
  • If there is one dedicated contact person they deal with
  • How their search rankings improved
  • How transparent and honest they find the company
  • If they receive ongoing monthly performance reports

Schedule a Meeting

Before diving in and deciding, you’ll need to schedule a meeting first. It’s a good idea to schedule meetings with your top three candidates. You’ll also need to compile a list of questions to ask, such as:

  • How much do your services cost?
  • Do you have experience in my business industry?
  • What types of SEO strategies will you implement?
  • What kinds of tools do you use?
  • Who will be my contact person?
  • How will I measure the progress?
  • What happens if I cancel the contract?

Find the Right SEO Company for Your Business

Searching Google for an “SEO company near me” is only your first step. Many factors go into choosing an SEO company, and using this list as a starting point will get you moving in the right direction.

Remember, choosing an SEO service is a big decision, so make sure to take your time and do your research.

For more business and technology tips, check out the rest of our blog for more articles!

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