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Shoe Recovery And Cleaning Services

A laundry service is not only associated with clothes, garments, jackets, bedding materials, and curtains. There are a number of laundry companies offering a dry cleaning service Dubai for shoes and footwear. They will care for your shoes in a professional way and make them brand new for you. Shoe cleaning is not only about washing or dry cleaning but also involves repairing, polishing, fixing, buffing, patching, and stitching shoe leather or fabric. 

There are lots of services for different materials of shoes including leather shoes, suede shoes, fabric shoes, or rubber shoes. Along with the material specifications, laundry companies take cleaning steps according to the type of shoe such as the wedge, sneakers, pumps, high heels, booties, or casual footwear. Sometimes the brand elaborates the method of washing or cleaning the shoes depending on the water resistance and sensitivity of the material. The experts of dry cleaning in Dubai make sure to treat every piece of footwear according to the labeled instructions and procedures. Taking into account all the key factors, one can increase the shelf life of expensive shoes.  

What exactly is Shoe Laundry?

Shoe laundry is more than just routine maintenance! Any type of washing is always precede by color restoring – either with color dye or pigmentation depending on the quality of the material. Laundry companies not only cleanse and rejuvenate the fabric, but also wash the inner sole and rear sole, freshen up the threads, shine off metal trimmings, and lastly deodorize footwear with specific sanitizing chemicals.

Shoe dry cleaning in Dubai operates with accuracy and care because we have great attention to detail! All the footwear is handle and repair as if it were a work of art! Companies like everything they do, and as a result, our customers enjoy what they receive! They promote the purchase, wear, and repeat trend. The sneakers have finally been expertly packaged! To keep the form, they utilize shoe shapers.  Every package that contains shoes after washing has silica gel sachets to prevent fungus growth! All leather shoes are packed in fabric wrappers. They fix each shoe without compromising its integrity or trademark uniqueness. The artisans have such high attention to detail and place a high value on company values.

Range of shoe cleaning services

The range of a shoe dry cleaning service Dubai includes the following:

  • Cleaning of footwear
  • Rejuvenation of shoe color using pigments
  • Redyeing or changing color
  • Polishing the surface of shoes and making them shiny
  • Evacuating the bad odor, or making your shoes smell good
  • Applying leather softener for suede shoes
  • Applying conditioner for sneakers and casual shoes
  • Antifungal treatment to keep the shoes healthy and allergen-free


Do not ever throw away your favorite pair of shoes yet though due to their bad condition and dirty look. The top shoe dry cleaning in Dubai is ready to offer your shoes a new life. The people want an early and quick treatment for their footwear through the dry cleaning service Dubai. 

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