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Style Wholesale Floral Dresses to Spice up Your Look

As the weather gets warmer, we enjoy showing more skin and wearing bright lipsticks to bring out our skin tone. Wholesale floral dresses that feature pretty patterns are always the staples of women in spring and summer. Should you go for a flattering A-line dress, or slip into a sexy off-shoulder dress? Do you want to pull off solids and stripes for chic and exquisite flare or choose floral patterns to bring out your charming femininity?Flutter Sleeve Tie-up Floral Chiffon Dress

Floral print dresses paired with the right accessories and outerwear are easily worn to relieve the haze in winter and fall, and are reliable style choices during the summer and spring. Although floral dresses are great in theory, the truth is that dressing up can be a challenge. Which color is best to choose? How do you style your hairstyle and select your shoes or accessories? The following suggestions will provide you with information on how to style and shop for floral dresses.

How To Choose a Flattering Print

Flare Sleeve Leaf Print Tie-up Dress
The floral pattern is huge and uncertain. It is essential to choose one that is flattering and complimentary to your body and style. Small flowers or large, widely spaced or close to each other, are there vines or clusters of blossoms, and what color is used? The options are limitless. One thing to note about color is that often the printed matter will be biased to a specific side of the color chart, from red, blue to pastels, black and more. This leaning is the main background color of the pattern.
Consider that larger flowers are more flattering to petite figures. It’s not recommended that oversized floral patterns for shapely women as these may add a few pounds to the silhouette. Smaller flowers and floral motifs give the impression of a solid color, and on average are suitable for a more symmetrical body type. Tie Sleeve V Collar Floral Dress

If your figure is slim to average, you can find a balance of larger floral patterns and smaller patterns. If you are not sure whether the design is flattering, try using a belt or stylish scarf to take it apart. Plus, think about the main background color of your floral dress. A White background that shows bright and sunny inspired blooms is great for hiding problem bulges. The darker colors provide you with a more tailored and tapered look and give you the illusion of slimness.

Floral Dresses Pair Great with Neutral Colors

Surplice Neck Tie-up Jacquard Wrap Dress
No matter you pick a big or small floral print dress, what you pair it with is important to your appearance. Floral dresses with overall patterns and evenly distributed on the fabric should be tone down and matched with neutral or nude colors. Neutral colors such as black, white and silver compliment floral patterns and are usually a necessity in the closet. From shoes, jewellery to the bag you decide to carry, plus a small piece of neutral tones will ensure that the floral print is balanced and harmonious with your style.

How To Accessorize Your Floral Dress

Floral dresses have a natural femininity and tend to be showstoppers on their own. Therefore, it can be a challenge to pair the dress with accessories that can add something to your look rather than distract from it.

  1. Pair Floral Dresses with a Statement Jewelry

    V-neck Fungus Trim Floral Dress
    Since floral dresses tend to have bold, bright, and eye-catching colors, pairing with bold and colorful jewelry is a fashion. Accessorize your floral dress of any color with pieces that are exquisite, subtle, and simple. Jewelry with a distinctive personality may distract the attention of the dress and clash with its bold tones. It is best to go for simple drop earrings or studs, a thin chain with a delicate pendant or locket, and a lightweight bracelet. Just remember that less is more. Keep your jewelry simple, a little traditional and classic.

  2. Choose the Right Shoes to Pair with Floral Dresses

    Flutter Sleeve V-neck Checked Dress
    Shoes have the ability to make or break your floral dress. For these dresses, especially those with bold or dark background palette, avoid wearing matching floral print shoes. It’s recommended to wear your dress with neutral sandals, pumps, or stiletto heels. You can also choose a sober shade of the dress and match it to the color of the shoes. Another avant-garde idea is to match your floral dress with all black accessories. By adding tough black accessories such as black gladiator stilettos, black studs and cross-body black bag to your feminine floral dress, which can create an attractive combination of fashion and avant-garde style.

  3. Wear Your Floral Dresses with a Belt

    Boho Flower Graphic Split Dress
    A belt is an accessory that can add a lot of contrast and a pop of color to a floral dress. For instance, a black-and-white floral dress can work well with any belt in almost contrasting color, both yellow and red are very attractive options. On the other hand, if you have a dress with multiple colors, choose one of the colors in your dress and rock it with your belt.

The Best Makeup Trends For Floral Dresses

Vintage Flower Print V-neck Smock Dress
The dress with bold floral patterns have a show-stopping presence that is harder to imitate. It’s recommended to choose neutral shades to avoid conflict with the print colors. However, it is also a great idea to pull a shade from your dress that lends itself well to your favorite lipstick hue. Remember that it is better to either focus on playing up your lips or your eyes. Your dress is your best guide when choosing your make up. If it is bright and bold, opt for delicate makeup and think about a seductive lip gloss. In addition, if the prints on your dress are lighter or the floral patterns and tones are softer, you can use bold lipstick shadows or smoky eyes to take your makeup to the next level.

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