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The Uncommon Tips to Maintain Common Types of Floors!

The floor stays on the ground, but the impact of this base can make or break the look of your entire house! How? Well, imagine a battered and dirty floor and think about what impression your home would make then? So, isn’t managing it the much-needed task to make your home look great? But often you don’t know the right tips to maintain the types of flooring you have in your home. And this worsens the look of your floor rather than brightening it.

How to Manage the Different Types of Floors?

Whether you have a lavish wooden floor or simple vinyl ones, if you know the right technique to clean and maintain them, you can enjoy their beautiful look in your home for a long time. And to attain this, do follow the below listed tips:

  • Wooden floors

Hardwood is indeed the most popular type of flooring and often a part of luxurious homes. Naturally, when it is original wood, you have to shed a lot of money to install it. Mostly a wooden floor lasts for more than three decades. But if you aren’t cleaning and maintaining it, it may not even last for a decade properly. So, wipe it with a good microfiber cloth using only mild wood-cleaning agents. Avoid using lots of water and spare it from all kinds of spills as well. Apart from this regular cleaning, opt for sanding and polishing the wood once in a while.

  • Vinyl flooring

Vinyl is also pretty commonly used as floors for domestic use. These mimic the woods perfectly and let you enjoy a classy feel in the house without spending much. But only if you are maintaining vinyl nicely. Apart from the daily vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning, ensure that you are timely polishing, buffing, and deep cleaning. Opt for Vinyl Floor Polishing Service for vinyl flooring in NZ. This gives your floor a long and wonderful life.

  • Granite tiles

You will often see granite tiles in many modern homes. These look fabulous in any surroundings and make your home appear sparkling and dazzling. But, the grout of these granite tiles should be timely cleaned by professionals. Apart from it, ensure that you are daily wiping these floors with a microfibre cloth and avoid using any kind of harsh chemicals on the same.

  • Concrete floors

Concrete is a budget-friendly flooring option and widely used in both the interiors and exteriors of houses. Though concrete hardly requires much maintenance, if you want this floor to remain intact for decades, apart from the daily cleaning, do apply a layer of polishing or epoxy coating. This not only gives your floor a distinct shine, but also increases its life and beauty.

  • Marble floors

Marble floors are porous and require proper sealing of the pores for longer and intact life. It usually doesn’t get stained or patchy easily; but if it does, you can always just wipe the same to make it dazzle clean in no time. A once or twice a year professional cleaning session would be enough to give your marble floor a new shine again.

You’ll probably be having one of these kinds of floors at home. And now that you know the proper techniques of cleaning each of them, your floor would last for some good number of years and enhance the beauty of your home.

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