Top Ultimate Tips For Safe Bike And Car Relocation In India

Tips For Safe Bike And Car Relocation In India

 Riding the Bike to the desired location point is rather a better idea than relocating or shipping it. But that is for those who aren’t really aware of the disadvantages of the same. The expensive overall costs involved in it If you do the math. A shifting company will charge approximately the same or lesser. compared to what you will be paying on its whole ‘self transportation’ trip.  Here are the top tips for safe bike relocation and car relocation in India.

Using professional Bike Relocation services will save you money, energy, and time. But at the same time, there are ample of essential things you need to ensure to make sure your motorbike stays out of trouble and reaches its destination safely.

Here are tips to prepare your Bike for Transportation

Pre-Shipping scrutiny

Give your bike a good and decent Bike wash and have a polish session when you prepare it for shipment. Scrutinize its surface in detail and look for any dents and scratches already present on the Bike. Click a couple of correct pictures of its present state, and make sure that all the angles are properly in cover. It will help you out during the future stage if something regrettable happens during the move. Here having insurance claims would help a lot, so ensure your Bike is covered with insurance.

Inflate the tires-

Ensure that both the tires are correctly inflated when you load the Bike for the shipping process. The motorbike might take days or weeks to arrive at the desired location. You certainly wouldn’t want a flat tire when you receive your Bike. Also while you are at it, check for punctures or cracks in the tires. If any, repair them on an immediate basis. Bike Transport in Nagpur ensures that the Bike is in the necessary condition before shipping.

Remove all the accessories-

There is very important reason why you should take out the bike accessories. That these things generally do come under the insurance policy. If any damage occurs to these items, the probability is higher that you might not get a claim for the accessories. So detach all the accessories before the shipment process begins.

Fold the mirrors-

Ensure that you fold the rearview mirrors on the inside and tape the headlights. This will protect both mirrors and headlights from any scratches or dents.  

Drain the fuel tank-

I strongly advise you to drain the fuel tank completely before the Bike transportation. The reason being the company might relocate it in wooden crates, or it might get fully wrapped in plastic cover sheets. Even the slightest bit of fuel leakage from the tank will create a dangerous situation in transit. So make sure your Bike is dry for safe transit.

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Tips For Choosing The Right Bike Relocation Company

Experience and Efficient Bike shifting company-

 Making the decision for bike relocation involves choosing the best bike relocation company for you. You can search for such shipment companies online, read reviews and ratings and customer testimonials, ask for multiple cost quotes, compare bike shifting charges and then make an informed decision. Choose that bike relocation company that has a decent reputation and has expert and professional team and equipment.

Documentation and logistics-

After you have decided the bike relocation company, then the next step is to do essential documentation and ensure your motorbike is ready for transportation. Do all paperwork correctly, which mentions insurance covers, transportation charges, loading, unloading, packing and moving charges delivery dates etc. It is best to have proper cut timelines and accurate estimate charges mentioned to avoid disputes in the future. And your bike is ready for relocation

Enclosed vs. Open Carrier Service-

 One very important decision for bike relocation in India is deciding between open and enclosed carriers. Now bikes can be relocate safely in both transport modes but open carriers are cheaper than enclosed trailers and enclosed trailers make sure that your precious Bike has protection from heat, dust and other environmental factors. But the enclosed carrier mode is expensive. Thus choose which of these both methods suits your requirement 

 Packing and Moving- 

Packing and making a bike ready for shipment is an essential process. Ensure proper bike relocation  and the Bike is ready and pack correctly to avoid any damage during relocation.

The above-mentioned tips are just some indicative tips to plan a motorbike relocation in India. It is of prime essentialness that a bike relocation service is chosen with planning and the complete vehicle relocation is managed correctly. After all, your vehicle is very precious to you and when you shift, it should also be transported to your new house with care. 

Tips For Safe Car Relocation

Relocating a home, office, or even a vehicle is a complex procedure. The amount of attention that residential and office moving needs is equal to the attention needed for the task of car relocation. For a person or a family intending to shift their car from one location to another, the safety of their car matters the most. As there is a vast chance of theft and damage involved in the transit, it is strongly advised to consider certain things that ensure safe car transport anywhere in India.

Prepare your car for the moving procedure

Preparing your vehicle for the moving procedure is the most important thing. Get your car washed adequately before giving it over to the relocation company. It will save the car from any kind of dust or dirt if they are shifted in open compartments, and it will be delivered in the same and correct condition. Washing your car will also help you recognize any scratches or dents once the vehicle is delivered to the final location.

Hire the best car relocating company-

As the car is a valuable and essential possession for anyone, we always want to ensure its safety at all times. When you have to do car relocation from one place to another, it is better to take the help of professional and verified moving companies to complete this challenging job. Look for credible and professional car transport companies with proper government licenses who offer professional car transportation services in Nagpur and to perform such jobs to shift your car on the internet platform. Conduct the right and deep research of the favorable companies by visiting their website and office premises and checking what packing materials they use to relocate your vehicle.

Remove accessories from the car-

When the process of car relocation starts through a moving company, you need to remove the car accessories and all unwanted items from it. The car loaded in the truck might get a little bumpy, and the things such as speakers, music system, and others might get damaged.

Select items you will take with you-

As the space inside your car is restricted, you must keep only those essential items. The more things in the car, the higher the possibility of damage.

Lock your car safely-

To minimize the possibility of theft during car relocation, it is better to lock it properly. Once your car gets loaded in the moving truck, there is no necessity to unlock it for delivery. A locked car will keep everything safe inside.

Get free quotations from various transporters-

Asking for cost-free quotations from various relocation companies is the best method to hire a reliable and genuine relocation for your car. By this, you can compare their costs and services and hire the one which fits in your suitable needs and inquiries. Go ahead with the process of hiring only when you recieve accurate cost estimation quotes from them. Comparing their quotes will give you ideas about the prevailing charges for moving a vehicle in the market.

Ensure your vehicle-

Take a vehicle insurance policy before handing it over to the shifting company. This is a good and beneficial idea for you as it will save you from incurring any financial losses if your car gets damaged on transit. You might think of it as an extra expense, but hiring professional movers, it will an advantage for you in the long run. The insurance policy will help you pay the extra repair and maintenance expenses in case of damages during transit and you don’t have to spend money from your pocket. Never make any compromises in hiring this service and save yourself from the stress and save your car from any monetary damages during vehicle Relocation.

At Assureshift, you will be given the best services to ensure that you can peacefully have your car transported safely and securely. Assureshift provides car shifting services with a skilled team, modern truck, and punctual delivery through which you can track your car being relocated from anywhere, at any time. As the best, they make every effort to make this task a safe and satisfying one for their customers.

So these are some valuable tips to ensure while moving car or any other vehicle. One should check all the points before hiring a moving company. I hope this will be helpful for your moving process.

Happy Moving!

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