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TV – Buying a smart TV Guideline

TV - Buying TV Guideline

The football world cup will start in a few days. There are many football fans in Bangladesh. However, the fun of watching games on the big screen at home is different. At present, intelligent TV of various sizes are available in the country’s market.

In addition to the house’s beauty and bright pictures, users can enjoy the benefits of the Internet from intelligent television.

Our event this time is about different models of smart televisions in the country’s market. Mahbub Sharif writes details.

Smart televisions of several companies, including LG, Samsung, Philips, Sony, Sharp, Singer, Walton, are available.

Almost all the companies have offered different LCD, LED, and Plasma televisions and 3D, 4K, and smart televisions. But, with the holy Eid-ul-Fitr and the World Cup in front of them, their sales are frozen.

Companies have given external advertisements to their products. They also provide ideas about the features of the products in this advertisement. Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate, if only a few.

Things to do before buying a smart TV

Buyers need real experience before they can buy a smart television. Usually, everyone believes in the perfect brand before purchasing a television. However, you don’t just have to buy a smart TV, and you should check and choose well before buying.

Most intelligent televisions are a little harder to operate and take longer. So before purchasing a smart TV, it is essential to look at the various features and how much the TV is user-friendly.

Another thing to note is whether the television has cable and a Wi-Fi connection for use.

The technology used in smart TVs

Innovative TVs processors are much more advanced than basic TVs and have an operating system.

The current market usually has intelligent TVs with Android and web OS operating systems. Smart TVs use the Android operating system.

What features do intelligent TVs need to have?

A full smart TVs will have both cable and Wi-Fi in internet connectivity. Must have a net browsing facility.

Must have the facility to install apps. Must have a screen-sharing facility.

Some popular apps must have built-in. Such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, etc. The recording feature also complements a smart TV with an IPS panel, live zoom, and play and push options.

What type of TV to buy?

LCD, Plasma, LED TVs are available in the market. LED TVs also have 3D, 4K type TVs. LCD prices are relatively low among technology televisions.

Therefore, if you have an affordable budget, these bright and very light and thin televisions may be suitable for you. However, at present, if you buy a TVs, you should buy an LED Smart or FourK resolution LED TV.

Because nowadays the use of Internet has become a necessary thing. HDMI ports are also on desktops, laptops, cameras, and all technology products.

With the HDMI port, users can enjoy FourK resolution movies and games on a larger screen by patching with a smart TV if they wish.

HDMI port is also used in the output of the Blu-ray player. Those who have budget problems can buy LCD or LED regular mode TVs.

However, many non-branded LCD and LED televisions are available in the market.

There is a good chance that these TVs will not be adequately regulated. Also, the resolution of these TVs, the lifespan is not accurate. It attracts buyers through external exhibitions and discounts.

Recognizing LEDs, LCDs, and plasma TVs can be difficult at present. TV manufacturers are also marketing TVs under ‘LED Plus’ and ‘Super-LED.’ However, one thing to keep in mind is that if you don’t have a good brand TV priced at Rs 200,000 or more, you are less likely to get a TV with an actual LED screen.

It is difficult to tell the difference between LED, LCD, or Plasma in less expensive TVs. It is possible to get an improved black layer on the plasma TV, but if for some reason there is a problem with this TV, it won’t be easy to repair. So it is better to go to LCD or 4K LED TV.

Determining the size of a smart TV

If you want to buy something for the home, not just before purchasing a television, you have to decide where to put it. Before purchasing a television, you need to determine where you want to set it up.

The size of the television should be selected according to the distance of the sitting area from the tv. For example, if the viewing distance from the TVs is eight feet, then the size of the television should be from 32 inches to a maximum of 75 inches.

However, it is said that the bigger the TV, the more convenient it is to watch. According to this formula, you can buy any size model within the budget. Therefore, you can buy a TVs of any size depending on your budget.

High Definition TV

Before buying a high-definition TV, you need to decide how big a television you want to buy. 48 inches

It is difficult to distinguish between high-definition (HD) TVs and full-HD TVs in small size TVs. But watching a Blu-ray movie from less than eight feet away reveals this difference.

If you watch TV channel from less than eight feet, you can go to Full HD. However, if you watch TV from a distance, HD TV is better.

What will TVSmart TV look like?

We mean that the television is used to access the Internet and the current intelligent devices by smart TVs. Smart televisions have the opportunity to use various Internet-based applications. For example, social networking sites can be accessed via Skype, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.

Smart TV has the facility to browse Wi-Fi or Internet. However, before buying a smart TV, you must look at the ‘Wi-Fi Built-in’ or ‘Wi-Fi Ready’ features.

If you only have a Wi-Fi-ready smart television, you will need to buy a separate dongle to use the Internet later. Also, before purchasing a smart TV, you need to see if it has a USB port.

A USB port does not necessarily support an external hard drive or pen. Therefore, before buying a smart TV, you must check that it supports a portable hard disk or any digital format. Also, check if the smart TVs has three HDMI ports.

He should not buy a TV if he does not have at least two HDMI ports.

Use friendly?

When buying a television, you need to consider stopping using this television. However, there are also a few things to look for when selecting a television:

One imortant thing when watching it is the viewing angle or the advantages and disadvantages of watching TVs from different angles. According to many television users, watching television from the side often makes it look blurry, or the picture and color change slightly.

This is because of the viewing angle. Because the viewing angle is low, the image’s color will vary due to viewing from the side.

And if the viewing angle is high, no matter how you look from the side, the picture’s color will not change. So before finalizing the decision to buy a television set, check its viewing angle.

It can be seen only by sitting face to face on some televisions and seen from the side, the color changes. This change mainly depends on the twisted hematic, vertical alignment, and in-plane switching (IPS) panels.

The IPS screen shows the best viewing angle, and the crooked nematic screen shows the worst. Therefore, experts think that purchasing an IPS screen TVs is better if you want to buy a television for the bedroom.

The sound of smart TV will be like that.

One more thing to consider when buying a smart television. And that is – does the television sound have the right quality? Unfortunately, the biggest weakness of light-thin televisions is that their sound quality is not relatively good.

So before buying a TV, you should keep this in mind. Especially when watching 3D movies or animated movies, if you do not hear the high-quality sound, you will not enjoy watching movies.

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