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Wearing Your Prayer Beads On Special Occasions

Prayer tasbeeh is a tradition that dates back to the fifth and sixth centuries before the birth of Christ. It concerns the use of special beads, called “rash” that are used in prayer. The main purpose of this jewelry is to interweave the words of the prayer with the beads.

For instance, when praying for rain in the rainforests of Egypt, it is typical to put the beads on our right foreheads. We then pray for the rain to come so we can have water for drinking, cooking and cleaning. This is how we pray for rain in prayer tasbeeh. And when praying for health, we use the same method, placing the beads in our chest and then praying for the health to come to us. This is how we pray for the abundant health that we will receive.

When we use prayer tasbeeh jewelry, we pray for all the abundance we will see and experience. We also have a special relationship to these beads. Each of them is connected to a specific prayer or a special situation. Therefore, they all have a powerful meaning for us.

Prayer tasbeeh works best when we wear prayer tasbeeh in a necklace or bracelet. And it also works well if we wear prayer tasbeeh. When we combine beads together in a necklace or bracelet, we create a visual chain that has several spiritual meanings. For instance, if we’re wearing a prayer tasbeeh that’s made from blue Jasper, this will represent the struggle and difficulties we go through in life. Similarly, if we’re wearing prayer beads that are pink and green, it will represent the joy and happiness we experience together as a family.


Another way to incorporate prayer tasbeeh into your daily life is to wear it around your neck or on your wrist. In fact, if you can’t find a prayer tasbeeh that you like, you may want to wear it around your neck on special occasions. Such as on the first day of class, during a vacation, at dinner, at a function, etc. It can help you focus your attention and your thoughts.

However, prayer tasbeeh jewelry is not only for wear at prayer. There are actually many ways to incorporate prayer beads into your everyday life. For example, if you’re at work, you can wear your prayer tasbeeh around your neck or on your wrist so you always have your prayer beads within easy reach. And of course, you can wear them anywhere on your belt, on your bag, in your purse, in your wallet, in your briefcase, wherever you need them.

Prayer tasbeeh

This is just one example of how prayer tasbeeh can be incorporated into your life. Of course, there are hundreds of other ways to wear prayer beads. If you haven’t noticed, all across the Middle East and North America, prayer beads are being used not only for prayer but as beautiful accessories as well. Not only are prayer beads beautiful to look at, they also serve to hold meanings that help focus the mind and bring about positive changes in the way you live your life.

So, while you don’t need to wear prayer tasbeeh on a daily basis, they can certainly be a special reminder of when you do need to pray. During special times such as your wedding anniversary, your wedding day, your father’s birthday, your baby’s arrival, etc. you can wear your prayer beads to focus your mind and attention on what is truly important. And of course, wearing your prayer beads on special days only adds to the celebration. When you wear your prayer beads, you are truly displaying your devotion and your love for God. And who knows, it could lead you to even more fulfilling relationships.

types of beads

There are many different types of beads available. They appear in many various colors, shapes, and styles. Some beads have been entrusted with precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. Others occur embellished with semi-precious gemstones. And still, others are crafted from only natural agate.

Beads are single-strand and can be strung together to make a lovely choker or necklace. Beads that are multi-strand and meant to be worn on the head can be obtained in a variety of styles. These beads add those formed into twisted designs and strands that resemble bird’s nests. There are also multicolored beads that feature animals, birds, and humans. These beads are prepared in a mixture of different sizes.

another way to include prayer beads in your daily life is to wear it around your neck . if you can get a prayer tasbeeh that you like, you may want to wear it around your neck on specific events. Such as on the first day of class, during any holiday , at dinner, at a function, etc. It can assist you to focus on your study and your feelings.

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