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What Are the Different Types of Walking Canes That Exist Today?

Walking canes occupy a unique place in human history. For centuries, they have served as a mobility aid, a means to conceal weaponry, and even a fashion statement. As late as the early 20th century, a man of class and distinction would have been seen as underdressed without his cane in his grip.

Nowadays, the walking cane only rests in the hands of aging adults, and only seems to get used as a tool in healthcare. However, there are many types of walking cane still around, even now. Let’s discuss some of these canes in further detail.

The Quad Cane

Out of all canes, the quad cane is the one you’ll see most often in the healthcare industry. This cane has 4 points of contact with the ground, increasing stability for the user. This tends to see the most use in patients with severe balancing issues or partial paralysis.

The “C” Grip Cane

If you’re looking for a wooden cane that’s fashionable and functional, the “C” grip cane is your walking cane of choice. This is the oldest known type of cane. It’s also the one best suited for patients that don’t need much help keeping their balance.

If you decide to purchase a “C” cane made of wood, you need to understand the process of caring for a walking cane. You want it to last for years of use, after all.

The Functional Grip Cane

The functional grip cane serves a similar function to the “C” cane. In fact, the designs are almost identical except for the grip. Where a “C” cane curves at the top, the functional grip cane has a straight handle. This gives the user better stability and makes it one of the best walking canes for those who don’t need too much additional balance support.

The Folding Cane

One of the more modern types of walking canes is the folding cane. These canes are designed for portability at the expense of stability since they can fold and unfold at will.

The Hemi-Walker Cane

If someone requires more support than a quad cane can provide but doesn’t quite need a walker in order to get around, then the hemi-walker cane will help them the most. This cane gets used most often with aging adults in transition from using a walker to using a cane.

The Seat Cane

If you’re going out somewhere and will need to stand and wait for extended periods, a seat cane can save you a lot of pain and trouble. These canes can unfold into makeshift seats, and often have 2 or more contact points with the ground. They also tend to be heavier than standard canes, providing greater support.

Let’s Review the Different Types of Walking Canes

There are many different types of walking canes that you can choose from today. There are traditional options like the “C” and functional grip canes. Or, you can opt for something more modern, like a folding or seat cane.

Whatever choice you make, you’re sure to find the best walking canes for your needs. And, if you’d like more information on mobility aids or other health-related topics, check out the Health section of our blog for more!

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