What Happens If You Forget to MOT Your Car?

What is a MOT test?

The Ministry of Transport test, also called the MOT test, is a far reaching examination of a vehicle to ensure it is roadworthy. This incorporates watching that the vehicle meets the base street wellbeing and natural guidelines. Your vehicle must breeze through the MOT assessment so as to be legitimately determined out and about, and the test must be done at an approved test place.

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What do they check in a MOT?

All the significant pieces of your vehicle will be tried to ensure they fulfill the lawful guideline, including the:







What happens if you forget to MOT your vehicle?

In case you’re halted by the police and requested a duplicate of your substantial MOT, not having the option to show one can have serious consequences. While you might be let off with a notice or you could leave away with a heavy fine which is up to £1,000. Also if your vehicle is viewed as ‘unroadworthy’, things could deteriorate. You could be fined up to £2,500 and 3 points on your driving permit per fault if your car is in a risky condition . If you already got points on your permit, a couple of harmed tires and a messed up light could prompt a driving boycott of as long as two years.

Rules identifying with MOTs and driving your vehicle:

You’re possibly permitted to drive your vehicle when its MOT has terminated and you are heading to the test center. In case you’re halted by the police in transit, you must demonstrate that you have a booking/appointment. If your vehicle fails its MOT, you can possibly drive it if the earlier year’s MOT is still valid.But if your vehicle is considered as ‘un-roadworthy’ the above doesn’t have any significant bearing and you can’t drive it.

MOTs can be done anytime inside the year time frame before the current MOT terminates.Retesting ought to be free if the vital fix work has been done and the re-test finished inside 10 working days of the first MOT test.

A fine of up to £1,000 can be charged and a vehicle can be seized if it’s found to have an invalid MOT authentication.

Most importantly if your MOT is obsolete and you’re associated with an accident, your back up plan may proclaim your spread to be invalid, leaving you to pay the expenses of fixing your vehicle.

At the end of the day, driving without a substantial MOT conveys a lot of money related dangers, and could cost you a little fortune in fines and fixes. You could endure a life long guilt if a defective vehicle you owned kill somebody in the wake of turning out badly on the road.So look for MOT testing service near you or just simply search on the web and book your mot test asap because it is equally important as your driving license !

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