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What is the scope after doing B.Ed in India ?

There is a tremendous scope after doing B.ed as it opens up immense opportunities in the teaching domain. Even during the pandemic, there were regular ads for the recruitment of teachers. Teaching is the most stable profession that offers a handsome salary. There is a good earning potential after completing a B.Ed. It is the prerequisite for a teaching job in schools. It is the ideal profession for girls because it is time bound & commands a lot of respect.

Because of the popular demand, B.Ed colleges have mushroomed in the country. Though all of them claim to offer a good teaching environment, majority lack the basic requirements of a good college. Teaching has revolutionized over the years. Now we require teachers to have a multitude of skills to excel in their job. Just having theoretical knowledge is not enough. They need to have the practical & ICT skills to become outstanding teachers.

Now the question arises from where should one do the B.Ed. Well, those who want to pursue b.ed from Uttar Pradesh UP we require them to appear in the UP JEE B.Ed. exam. They have announced the results & the counselling is due in a few days. Finally, Those with higher ranking can choose from the government colleges while others can research to find the best b.ed colleges in Meerut.

The college has employed the latest teaching tools to impart futuristic education. We believe that education should run parallel to the aspirations of the country. VGI has installed smart class that enable our students to become conversant with the latest teaching techniques. Majority of the schools employ this in their classes. Our students are confident in using the latest TLM to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut .

VGI’s library has over 7000 books & e-journals that aid the intellectual desires of the students. The computing lab has provided complete peace of mind for doing research. It has the latest software & hardware, & printers for producing information of need. We have designed well ventilated classrooms that allow excellent dissemination of knowledge to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut.

The college is ideally in a 60 acre green campus that compliments learning to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. We provide a fleet of buses to ferry students to their local addresses.

The faculty at VGI are doing a commendable work by training students on the key skills. Their years of experience helps to impart crucial know how to the students. Majority of the faculty members are doctorates who convey research based learning to make us the best B.Ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

The faculty takes part in FDP conducted by NCERT, SCERT to remain abreast with the latest teaching style that augments their learning.

VGI strongly believes that practical skills is the need of the hour because without hands-on skills, teachers struggle to perform in the class. VGI offers compulsory internship by partnering with leading schools for the internship of its students. Students gain skills that assist in placement to make us the best B.Ed. colleges in Meerut.

The concept of internship gained ground after teachers struggled to perform in class. To address this, VGI partnered with schools to develop practical skills that are crucial for a job.

Teaching through innovative methods is important for learning. Majority of students are reluctant to ask questions in the traditional method of lecturing. Moreover, teachers cannot repeatedly explain the same concept in class. To overcome this, teacher should involve students through role plays, case studies & projects to foster learning. When students take part in projects, they learn by discussing with their colleagues. Finally, while making the project, their concepts get clarified to make us the best B.Ed Colleges in Meerut UP.

Majority of students learn through observation & discussion. VGI takes them for field visits to schools where they interact with teachers & grasp skills needed for teaching. Students observe the teachers perform in class & note the peculiarities of the trade to make us the best B.Ed colleges in Meerut UP. Moreover, after the class, they interact with the teachers & clarify their doubts to become outstanding teachers.

Problem solving, critical thinking & decision taking are the vital skills in today’s time. We nurture teachers by training them on these skills that are most needed in the market because these are the life skills. The world requires problem solvers, critical thinkers & quick decision takers who will make the life of humans easy. VGI adopts scientific tools to train on these skills so that our teachers can educate the youngsters about them. Moreover, VGI conducts expert seminars who enlighten our students on these skills to make us the best B.Ed. colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh.

No learning can happen without the development of a moral character. Organizations want individuals who are honest, loyal & committed to their goals. To nurture these qualities, we give compulsory soft skills training. We educate students on group behavior, interpersonal & communication skills so that they face no obstacles in their career growth. The behavior of a person with his colleagues should be cordial. No organization can grow where the employees cannot work as a team. They won a cricket match through a team effort. Moreover, VGI trains on group behavior & team spirit to develop teachers who are an asset for the organization to make us the best B.Ed. colleges in Meerut UP.

Did you end up with a career completely unrelated to your undergraduate major?

Yes, you can end up with a career totally unrelated to your field of study because every human has an inherent talent. He may not be aware of his talent unless he has time to use it. They adjudged me the best faculty in my previous college as I was teaching better than others, even though I had over 20 years of corporate experience. Moreover, my practical experience helped me to correlate theory with real-life examples, which made the topic easier to grasp.

For success, one should have conceptual understanding & not just theoretical knowledge because many people who are normal in academics perform well in practice.

Like the engineering students who spend quality time in doing practical’s gain better placement than others. Similarly, medicine graduates who are good in academics struggle to establish as renowned Doctors because they focus too much on academics compared to practical.

Success is the practical application of concepts learnt in class. Moreover, you learn to drive a car by practicing it rather than reading its manual.

Moreover, direct admission for a B.ed in UP is only possible when you have appeared in UPJEE B.Ed. 2021. You can apply for direct admission in B.Ed. in UP under Venkateshwara group of Institutions Meerut.

Eligibility for direct admission in B.ed in UP–Graduation with Minimum 50% Marks for General, OBC Candidates and 45% Marks for SC/ST candidates and Eligible for UPJEE B.Ed. Counseling

Documents Required–10th Mark sheet, 12th Mark sheet, Graduation Mark sheet (if appeared in final year can submit Mark sheet till 2nd Year). Aadhar Card, Domicile Certificate, Income Certificate, Caste Certificate. UPJEE B.Ed. Finally, Admit Card and Score Card are the requirements for direct admission in B.ed in UP.

Fee: – For direct admission in B.Ed. in UP, students can choose two payment options. One Installment or Two Installments. One Installment–51250 for two years. Two Installments–30,000 per year total 60,000 in two years. Practical Fee, University Examination Fee are extra for admission in B.Ed.

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