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Why Schedule A Dynamics 365 Business Central Demo?

Dynamics 365 Business Central is Microsoft’s latest version of ERP for SMBs, having taken NAV’s place. Though most across industry have given it a thumbs up, there are a few reluctant souls sitting too comfortably within the confines of NAV’s technical brilliance not ready for a switch. Despite being convinced by industry experts that a migration is best in their interests, they still seem to hold them back citing Business Central’s uncertainties (which may be non-existent and a figment of their imagination) and how gruesome would data migration be from NAV to Business Central.

If you too happen to fall victim to such reluctance, here are a few solid reasons why you must schedule a Dynamics 365 Business Central Demo, which will put all your worries to rest.

  • A Dynamics 365 Business Central Demo will help understand its functionalities and help understand all the areas relevant to your organization.
  • End users will understand why it is the ultimate ERP solution for SMBs in addition to its flexibility and scalability to support one’s organization across finance, operations, manufacturing, supply chain and customer relationship management etc. The demo can happen either face-to-face or through Skype, where end users will be given an overview of the capabilities available in the solution, a demonstration of key areas relevant to their business, an overview of the wider capabilities of Business Central which supports Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Azure, case studies similar as one’s business and extensive discussions regarding one’s business requirements, and costs involved in moving to Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • During a Dynamics 365 Business Central Demo, end users will have a guide shared with them, which will contain a full list of all the features and capabilities available in Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Also, detailed information on the overall pricing structure and the packages available will be shared with them, in addition to relevant comparisons between Business Central and Finance & Supply Chain Management and a healthy description of all the available extensions, possible integrations and additional options. Most importantly, what they will get is a reassurance that they are in safe hands and the move will be a fruitful one.
  • The most important takeaway from scheduling a Dynamics 365 Business Central Demo is its seamless implementation and post-implementation support, how nothing will be disturbed when the move is under-process from NAV to Business Central and how the Microsoft Business Solutions Partner of the end user doing the implementation will be there to offer support post the go-live stage whenever the need arises.

Details regarding the entire implementation process will be shared, right from the licenses given to end users during year 1 to configuring all necessary features related to finance, sales, projects and stock capability, how a dedicated project manager will be assigned to ensure the implementation is done successfully well within the time frame and how data migration will take place from old to new system and then have it up and running and how, a support desk will be assigned to the end user for a certain period of time to sort out support tickets raised at the end user’s end.

Above, and more will be covered during the Dynamics 365 Business Central Demo.

Summary: The facts shown above make it clear why all the reluctance must be set aside and a Dynamics 365 Business Central Demo be scheduled at the earliest.

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