10 Natural Techniques To Prevent Plants From Pest Infestation

Natural Techniques To Prevent Plants From Pest Infestation

When leaves start falling, the temperature starts falling and frosts fiercer, then we start thinking that trees are free from pests. But, did you know that the starting of the winter season is a crucial time to prevent your trees from pests? There are various methods to protect your trees from pest infestation.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss five natural techniques that help in prevention from pest infestation. 

1. Glue Bands 

If you want to protect your trees from winter moth, then you should use glue bands and tree barrier glues. This is a very effective measure to protect your trees from caterpillars that cam destroy your trees. The winter moth caterpillars are the main reasons for holes in leaves during the spring season.

The winter moth will also affect the fruit production and lead to falling of fruits when they are still immature, or they grow in bad shape. The glue bands work well on your tress can prevent trees from winter moth.  

2. Use Fences

You can prevent your young trees from rabbits, dogs, and various other animals by using fences. You need to install the fences properly around the trees. The large size garden pests like deer need big size fencing. Tall fences may need a huge investment. If you want to avoid huge investment, then you should consider surrounding your trees with individual collars pf fencing. 

3. Row Covers

The row covers are a kind of lightweight fabric sheets that are covered around the hoops or posts so that your trees can be protected without smothering them. The row covers let the light to pass through and reach to your plants. The trees are commonly used in plant nurseries.

The row covers can protect your plant from light frosts, small animals as well as insects. The row covers are very helpful to protect the young plants. You should remove them when your plant starts growing. When your plant grows large, then you can use organic garden sprays. 

4. Cloches

There are various situations when you need to protect more than one plant in a row. The cloche is a kind of temporary cover that is tailored according to the size of the plant. If you want to protect only one plant with a cloche, then you should prepare inexpensive cloches by cutting down the bottom of gallon plastic milk jugs. You can set the cloches over the plants. There is one problem associated with the usage of cloches and this accumulation of heat during summer days.  

5. Organic Insecticide

Various gardeners can prepare homemade pest controls that can prevent your trees from pest infestation and does not affect the health of the Escondido tree trimming and removal. For the preparation of organic insecticides, you should use salt, garlic or mineral oil. You can use these natural substances to prevent your trees from pests. During humid weather, you should apply these natural insecticides more often. 

6. Disease Resistant Plants

Due to pest infestation, diseases and fungal infection, a wide range of precious garden plants get destroyed. If you observe trees with the powdery appearance or different colors, then it indicates that your trees are infected. The best way for tree prevention is to choose those plants that can automatically resist infections. 

7. Provide Appropriate Space 

Moisture is an important thing for the growth and spreading of fungal infection. If your yard is crowded with an enormous tree without proper space, then there are various chances of infestation.

The crowded trees do not dry quickly and they create a perfect environment for the growth of fungal infection. You should not plant trees closer than required. you should provide them more than the recommended space so that they can dry easily after heavy rainfall. 

8. Avoid Overhead Watering 

You should not do overhead watering and also avoid applying garden pesticides from the head. You should provide water around the base of plants. Water is required by the roots of trees. The roots will further transfer the required water and minerals to other parts of plants. Therefore, you should avoid watering to unnecessary parts of the plant

9. Remove Infested Tree 

If you find that any tree is completely infested, then it is a good idea to remove that tree or plant from your yard. Otherwise, this tree will be responsible for the spreading of diseases to other trees. You should immediately call tree removal service providers such as Sydney tree removals contractors to remove the infected tree from your yard. 

10. Test Your Soil

The plants that are sown in poor soil will start facing problems and becomes an easy target for tree infestation. You can call a professional to test the soil in your yard. If your soil is acidic, then he will suggest the right measures to make it productive for tree planting.


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