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10 Ways to Wear Shearling Bomber Jacket

The stylish bomber jackets that you see today weren’t anything like this when they first came out. Initially, being used just as a military garment to stay warm from the evil cold temperature on high altitudes to reaching mainstream fashion, a Shearling Bomber Jacket has achieved a lot. The classic top layer is now included in every person’s closet and has become a symbol of fashion among common people. As soon as the classic bomber jacket gets a touch of shearling, there is nothing more divine than it!

These jackets usually have a tough waistline and come in a variety of materials, designs, and shades. They are made of leather with super-comfy shearling fur lining on hoods, collars, or sleeves. They are the perfect pieces to attain any look throughout the year by complimenting every season and weather perfectly. Well, there are a lot of ways to style a shearling bomber jacket. Let’s have a look at some of them;

  • A Vintage Look With the Classic Shearling Bomber Jacket:

It always feels great to wear a jacket that reminds us of our roots and give us a stylish look. The vintage shearling bomber jackets are the maestros of this field. From a beautiful shade of distressed brown to black, find the one that fits you right and wear it over baggy jeans for a retro vibe. You can go from a plain t-shirt to a holographic one, depending on the genre of the event. Complete the look with a tough pair of boots, wear nice shades, and rock your ‘90s look like a pro.

  • A Soldier Look With the B-3 Bomber Jacket:

B-4 bomber jackets are one of the classic shearling bomber jackets which take us back to World War I. Evident from their name, they were the hottest choice for all the soldiers fighting due to their high-quality material and quick functionality. They are the coziest aviator jackets ever! The fur design of the jacket is now altered with wool, but you can buy both if you want. If you are a guy who likes to look tough and buffy, the shearling bomber jackets are still classy and look great with skin-fit chinos, a plain monochrome t-shirt underneath, and classic tough boots.

  • A Street Style Look:

Do you remember the classic shearling bomber jacket worn by Tom Hardy in Dunkirk? No? Well, the brown shearling coat that he wore as Bane? If you have not, you are some real shearling bomber jacket inspiration, pal. In Dunkirk, he styled the classic soldier shearling jacket in a modern style with all the modern jacket traits. He wore the jacket with a white t-shirt, but you go for a tank top as well, blue or black jeans, add some sunglasses and chains on your own, and rock the chic Tom Hardy look on the streets. Complete the look with sneakers or loafers. 

  • A Preppy Look:

If you are looking to add some uniqueness to your usual styling, pair a shearling bomber jacket with a neutral or pastel-colored shirt, a dress pant for the bottom, and a tie or a scarf. If you are a female, wear the jacket over your dresses, pencil skirts, and blouses, and look like the perfect fashion diva. Gather appreciation and compliments coming your way the whole day! 

  • A Classic Look With a Suede Shearling Bomber Jacket:

If you were thinking that shearling bombers come in the same material only, then surprise, surprise, there are suede jackets as well. But if you think that the weather won’t cooperate with you, and it might rain, then go for these jackets. If it’s all fine, then stay with the nude palette and choose a jacket in beige, khaki, brown, tan, or something like this. Wear it with a classic pant for a classic vintage look. Well, there are no restrictions, you can go for other colors as well. Sneakers and boots look good with these jackets. 

  • A Smart Casual Look With an Olive-Green Jacket:

Greens remind us of the soldiers always. The bossy and tough appearance that they possess shows off from their green military jackets. You can wear these aesthetic jackets in your regular clothing, too, as they are the best color palettes for a smart casual look. But keep in mind that your shade of green compliments the color of your outfit. Nudes and monochromes always go well with olive-green or green, keep the top base like that, and wear chinos for the bottom in a rather darker shade of khaki or brown to attain the best smart casual look. 

  • A Sleek Look With an Off-White Bomber Jacket:

Off-White bomber jackets with black shearling furs don’t appeal to many, but they look super-sleek when paired rightly. Don’t shy away from wearing it because you can rock it. Just stay with dark colors like black, navy, grey, burgundy for the top base to pop up the look. For the bottom, choose any from skirts, shorts, jeans, khakis, pants, depending on the event and season. Sneakers always go with a white shearling bomber jacket.

  • A Super-Chic Look With a Red Bomber Jacket:

Red color always grabs attention, even if it’s just a red beret on the head. But red bomber jackets with black shearling furs steal the show! They are super-bright and vibrant naturally, so balance out the effect by pairing them with a monochrome outfit. You can also go for a striped t-shirt and neutral-toned bottoms with black sneakers or boots.

  • A Formal Look For Workplace:

Just get a shearling bomber jacket in any color, and wear it at your workplace. It’s this simple! Layer a shearling bomber over your basic button-up shirt and dress pants outfit, add a tie and a watch, and rock the look. But the key is to watch out for the color combination, and you don’t want to overwhelm everyone around you with different colors. Wear your classic black shoes and complete the look. 

  • A Casual Look For Everyday:

The casual styling is always fun! You can wear anything you want without any restrictions. Wear any color of Shearling Bomber Jacket with a shirt, jumper, blouse, tank top, or nothing at all — it all depends on you! You have various options to wear for the bottoms too, from khakis, jeans, sweatpants, whatever. Add as many accessories as you want, and slay your favorite shearling bomber jacket.

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