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5 benefits associated with Manuka honey today 

This is a mono-floral type of honey which is mostly made from nectar sourced from one type of flower. Other types of honey are usually made from poly-floral flowers which mean the nectar making the honey was sourced from a variety of flower types. The high concentration of dihydroxyacetone makes the flower bear different anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that make it therapeutic. To purchase Manuka honey, verify whether you can count on the store you want to shop from. Use the reviews, licensing and certification to determine the reliability of the seller if you are to enjoy the following quality health benefits of Manuka honey today.

Clear sore throats 

Sore throat makes the throat painful and your voice husky which can be a problem for most people. The remedies for sore throat do not have to come from the pharmacy always. Have you tried using Manuka honey for treating your sore throat? Add two spoons of Manuka honey to your hot tea and allow the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to work on clearing the soreness. According to research done by doctors, regular users of Manuka honey experience reduced streptococcus mutans which is the scientific name for sore throat causing bacteria. 

Treatment of wounds 

The FDA has approved the use of Manuka honey as a treatment option for open wounds. This is because the honey has a wide range of anti-bacteria and antioxidants in it that come to play when applied on a wound. They disinfect the wound and form protective layer against penetration of dusts and microorganism to the wound. Since the pH of the honey is lowered, optimal healing is achieved in most scenarios where it is used as a care product. Thanks to its application around injured area, cells and tissue regeneration becomes easier with time. 

Used as skincare against acne 

Skin care routines are very complicated today because people have varying types of skin based on sensitivity and texture. To ensure you look your best, find a natural skin care routine besides the manufactured skin care products that your skin can benefit from. Since it has glucose in it, application of Manuka honey on the skin can help improve the skin hydration making it look soft and shiny. Honey also reduces inflammation and disinfects wounds that may be sustained by the skin during an injury. Lastly Manuka honey can be ideal for treating skin acne which is a condition that destroys the appeal of the skin.

Great for your oral health 

Did you know that use of Manuka honey can be ideal for improving the quality of your oral health? It is mainly instrumental for protecting your teeth against plaque buildup which leads to discoloration, mouth odor and even development of gingivitis. Use of sugar-free gum might be considered a remedy but not compared to the effect of one bit of the honey. Dental visits are necessary however home based care remedies like Manuka remain a great way to maintain healthy dentures.

Can be remedy for ulcers 

One of the many conditions that honey has been a remedy for include stomach ulcers. People suffer from different types of ulcers that include gastric ulcers and the diabetes related ulcers. The diabetic related option often leads to open wounds on the foot while the gastric option forms wounds along the stomach lining. Thanks to Manuka honey, the oxidative damage can be reduced through increased production of gastric enzymes in the gut. The honey therefore plays a crucial role in managing the symptoms of stomach ulcers and besides helping with the healing.

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