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6 Free Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online

You’ve all heard of Fullmetal Alchemist, right? Anima has proved to be a means for children under twelve to spend time and as an escape for older generations as they promote topics such as friendship, good relationships, family time, community order, and teamwork. Due to the skyrocketing popularity of anime series, countless free anime websites are now available for streaming. Have you spent a long time searching for an anime website to watch anime for free but returned disappointed? Here in this article, we will show you the top anime websites where you can watch your favorite mobile phones online and for free.

Free Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online

Fortunately, the advent of the Internet and the introduction of massive streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime have made access to this important piece of popular culture more convenient than ever.

Anime shows were available to Japanese audiences only once, or in short episodes on prime time television. These have now found homes in global anime streaming sites that bring many fans around the world the experience of watching anime in its raw form.

Popular shows such as Shows Dragon Ball Z ‘or, Naruto’ are now readily available on a plethora of anime streaming sites as their uncensored.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best anime websites, which cover a huge gallery of popular and highly respected anime shows in their unbridled form. We will introduce you to both paid and free anime websites to satisfy your hunger for a quality anime viewing experience.

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll has been one of the oldest players in anime streaming games. It is almost synonymous with anime and manga culture in the West and is single-handedly responsible for bringing this piece of popular culture to Western audiences.

It holds licenses for some of the most popular anime and manga properties. In addition to being a source for both manga and anime, it also provides fans with a store that provides exciting anime merchandise as well as the latest information on their favorite anime property. If you want to watch movies for free, katmoviehd may be the best site for you.

2. Funimation

With an impressive collection of Japanese anime, Funimation is a well-run business to challenge capabilities and provide the best legal anime streaming website. You can see the subbed version but you need to buy a premium for the dubbed version. You may need a VPN because it cannot be accessed in any part of the world. If you want to watch anime for free, gogoanime may be the best site for you.


Hulu is another anime website that receives good comment numbers. If you want a wide range of high-quality videos and a selection of anime movies or series, you can try Hulu. But unfortunately, Hulu is not yet available in all parts of the world. There is no accessibility problem in the US, UK, Europe and parts of Asia. Elsewhere, you may have to use VPN services. It is also limited to download.

Japanese anime is truly magical. You can be influenced by imagination and it gives you strength by telling the story in 2D and voice. You can find yourself on one of the characters and learn something from it. Also, this is a good and efficient way to experience Japanese culture if you are crazy about Japan. I believe that you can have a good look at some of the websites mentioned above for your need. If you want to watch Hindi Movies for free, Besthdmovies may be the best site for you.

4. AnimeLab

Here is a stage that was tailor-made to saturate anime fans living in Australia and New Zealand. The stage in its unfamiliar form gives anime fans access to every known anime title. From My Hero Academia to Demon Slayer, the platform has it all.

In addition, it can also work on many devices with high resolution. It is also very easy on the eyes and extremely easy. If you want to watch Hindi Movies for free, Hindilinks4u may be the best site for you.


Netflix is ​​a streaming giant. Of course, it will find a way to bring a heap of great anime content to its users around the world, and it does just that. It is now a special home for anime titans such as Death Note and Koguya Sama. You get the latest and new anime subbed and dubbed versions in high quality here.

6. Animate Planet

Anime-Planet is another popular free anime website to provide its users a collection of over 45000 episodes. It immerses you in the world of comedy, horror, adventure etc. for free. Users can access all types of manga and anime databases, reviews by fans on various anime, and recommendations. If you don’t know which anime to start, a ride through the anime-planet platform will solve your problem. And the anime-planet’s interface is very quiet and is designed to provide a comfortable video viewing experience on all devices such as tablets, mobile phones, iOS devices, desktops, UHD TVs, and more.

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