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7 Cute Date Ideas to Keep Your Romance Exciting

7 Cute Date Ideas to Keep Your Romance Exciting

Imagine this: it’s date night and you and your partner are getting ready to spend some quality time together. But instead of coming up with some interesting new way to spend time, your partner suggests a movie and a cuddle under the bed afterward, as always.

You are so bored of this routine that you get angry with your poor unsuspecting partner and storm off. Your date night ends in shambles.

If you are sick and tired of spending your date night doing the same old same old, then you need to spice things up with some cute date ideas. In the article below, we share some cute cheap date ideas that can help you bring romance into your humdrum relationship again.

1. Karaoke Night

Do you like to bellow out fun songs in the shower, but worry about singing in public? Well, going to a karaoke bar with your special someone is a great way to get over that fear.

Some karaoke bars even have private VIP rooms where you two would be the only ones listening to each other singing (terrible or not), and you can spend an entire date night there, singing, munching on snacks, drinking wine, and just having a blast with each other. Now doesn’t that sound much better than binge-watching Netflix?

2. Camp Out Under the Stars in Your Backyard

Do you have space in your garden or backyard to camp out? Well, why not take out all your camping gear and put up camp for one night? Make sure you don’t have work or school the next day so you can relax out there.

Spend time under the stars chatting as you used to when you first started dating. Talk about all your fears, hopes, dreams, and desires. Get to truly know each other, as if it were the first time you were spending time together.

3. Spend Time Going Through Old Photos

You’ve probably taken hundreds if not thousands of photos since you first started dating. Maybe you even printed some of these photos out, so you could put them up in your home to look at and reminisce about the good old days.

But when was the last time you went through these photos together and walked down memory lane? If your answer is never, then it’s time to change that.

On one of your date nights, bring out the wine and the charcuterie board (or whatever snacks enthrall your taste buds) and go through all your old photos talking about where they happened and who all was involved. This should help strengthen the bond between you two even more.

4. Go Antiquing Together

Who said that you have to buy anything when you go antiquing? You could just go window shopping!

Choose a few antique stores in your neighborhood or even in a city that is known for its antiques (near enough that you could make a day trip out of it), and go browse what they have in store.

You might even end up finding something brilliant that you could use to decorate your space together. And it will always hold memories for you of that time you found this special item on an antiquing trip while on a date.

5. Cook Some Interesting New Dishes Together

Even if you don’t love to cook, spending time as a couple cooking up some new and funky dishes or teaching each other your specialty dish, is a great way to spend date night. It’s also a cheap way to spend time together if you are on a budget.

Not only will you end up with something delicious to eat after (hopefully), but you will also learn a lot about each other from the way you tackle the task of cooking something delicious. If your cooking session ends in disaster and nothing edible comes out of it, you can always order pizza and laugh about it after. No harm done!

6. Take a Pottery Class

It doesn’t have to be a pottery class per se. It could be anything you and your partner wish to learn but haven’t had a chance to tackle yet. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try improv or perhaps your partner has always wanted to take scuba diving lessons.

Either way, you could take a few date nights over the next month or so, to take these classes together. Remember, couples who learn together, stay together.

7. Go to a Local Comedy or Slam Poetry Night

Also, couples who laugh together, stay together. So if your city has a local comedy night in a bar or pub or if there are local spoken word artists who get together for open mic once a week, check it out together!

Not only will you be supporting your local artist community which is always a good thing, but you will also learn more about your city, have some laughs, and get in some culture in the process. It’s a win-win situation.

Looking for more fresh date night ideas that you could do at home? Discover more here.

Cute Date Ideas Require a Bit More Effort but It’s Worth It

You might have gotten into a rut with your date nights at home, but you feel comfortable because that means you don’t have to put in any effort anymore. But this can erode the foundation of your relationship over time, as you don’t do anything new or fun with each other anymore.

Use the cute date ideas mentioned above and bring a whiff of fresh air into your relationship again.

Did you find this article on cute date night ideas fun and actionable? Which date idea will you implement first? We also have many other related articles on our website so keep browsing.

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