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7 Good Reasons to Adopt a Cat

Cats are reputed to be mysterious and independent animals, the antipodes of dogs. They have fascinated many celebrities who could no longer do without them. Here are ten good reasons to adopt one!

Cat owners have better psychological health than people who don’t have pets. They suffer less from stress, feel less negative emotions, trust others more, and are at less risk of a heart attack.

Cats can wake us up at 4 a.m., tear our couch to shreds, and vomit at an alarming frequency, but benefit from all our affection. So why do we choose to bring these ungrateful animals into our homes? The answer is obvious to all cat lovers. For others, it may seem more difficult. Researchers have therefore studied the benefits of these felines in miniature on our mental and physical health.

It is the cutest feline

Who has never cracked before the face of a purring cat? Adopting a cat means making sure you find a small, soft ball of fur every evening at home. To better make your decision, you can first start by going to a cat bar.


According to an Australian study, cat owners have better psychological health than people who do not have pets. According to the results of this work, they would be happier, more confident, less nervous, would benefit from better sleep, and a better ability to concentrate.

Adopting a cat could be good for your children too. In a survey of over 2,200 young Scottish children aged 11 to 15, children who have a close bond with their kittens have a better quality of life. The more attached they are, the more they feel fit, energetic, attentive and less sad and lonely. The people with cat reported feeling less negative emotions and feelings of isolation that people with no cat.


What could be better than a warm cat on his lap, and the soft sound of purring to relieve stress? Cat owners seem to benefit from a calmer state of mind when their pet is present. Cats offer a constant presence, free from the worries of the world, which can make all our little worries and anxieties superfluous.


Research has shown that cat owners are more socially sensitive, trust others and love their loved ones more than people who do not have pets. Positive feelings towards cats (or dogs) can lead to positive feelings towards humans, or vice versa.

Tip: To build a loving relationship with your cat, choose a cute boy cat name so he can be someone like your family member.


Despite the fleas, parasites and all the other not always pleasant aspects that can surround your kitten, there is a lot of evidence that these animals do well to our health. Research has shown that having or having a cat lowers the risk of a heart attack. Another study analyzed the effect of the arrival of a cat in a family. After a month, homeowners had fewer health problems such as headaches, backaches, and colds.

You unclog the shelters

Whether you adopt your cat at a SPA or by taking it from relatives, you participate in the congestion relief of shelters. And if you take an already adult one, it’s even better!

You become more responsible

No more excuses: adopting a cat commits you for several years. Outings, holidays, weekends, you will have to learn to organize yourself by taking your feline into account. Result: you gain responsibility!

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