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8 Business Logo Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Around 84% of marketers claim that promoting brand awareness is their most significant business objective.

With so many people recognizing the value of brand recognition, it’s crucial that we understand how to create this awareness. One of the best ways to do so is by creating a logo.

Do you own a business? Does your company have a logo? If not, it’s time to change that because logos can make a big difference for a brand! Read on to learn eight business logo design mistakes to avoid when you begin the process of creating a logo.

1. Using a Template Logo

One of the biggest reasons for having a logo as a business owner is so that your business stands out from the crowd and your brand is memorable for people.

Using a template logo that thousands of other businesses have as well is a bad idea because even though you have a logo, it’s not going to serve its purpose fully.

Your brand might be confused with another, or it might simply not be memorable at all because they’ve seen the logo too many times before. So instead of creating a logo yourself with a template, consider hiring a logo and packaging design company to create a one-of-a-kind logo for you.

2. Bad Font Choice

When choosing your logo fonts and colors, you want to select a unique, yet easy to read, font.

Sometimes people get so caught up in choosing a fun font that they’ve never seen before that they forget people actually need to be able to read your business name (if it’s part of your logo, anyways).

Try to choose a simple font that will be easy to see and print on products and packaging if you decide to do so.

3. It’s Too Busy

You want your logo to represent your brand well, but you can’t fit everything about your company into one small design.

Try choosing the main element or vibe you want to portray when people see your company logo and make that the star of the show. Other aspects of your business can be communicated in other ways.

You want your logo to be versatile, yet effective, and keeping it simple will help accomplish this goal.

4. Relying on Trends

When considering logo design ideas, you really want to avoid focusing too much on current trends.

While certain styles, colors, fonts, or pictures might be trending now, they likely won’t be for long. You want your logo to be as timeless as possible, so worrying about molding it to fit current trends wouldn’t make sense.

Instead, try to focus on choosing elements that you will love for years to come and that will still make sense as your business grows and develops over time.

5. Choosing Clashing Colors

You might want to make your logo with your favorite colors. But, if your favorite colors don’t go well together, this isn’t a good idea.

Finding the right balance of colors is crucial when it comes to logo making. Considering nailing down the design of the logo itself before adding in any color.

You might decide not to add color at all. Or, seeing the design first might help you have an easier time deciding which colors will make sense with the piece.

6. Using the Wrong Software

Chances are, when it comes down to it, you will want different logo sizes for different things.

For example, your logo will be printed relatively large on a storefront sign. However, it will be printed extremely small on business cards in contrast.

Over time, you will likely need to resize your logo many times for varying uses, and being able to do so effectively is essential. When you design your logo, using a vector-based graphics program or software is the only way that you will be able to accomplish this.

Otherwise, when you resize, things might get grainy when you enlarge them and unreadable when you shrink them.

7. Being Inconsistent

Once you have your final logo design, it can be tempting to change it. Whether it’s because you’re unhappy with a particular element or just want to see what it would look like, it’s best to avoid doing this.

Take as long as you need to design a logo that you’re happy with, that fits your brand, and that will speak to your consumers. After that, try to leave it alone.

One of the biggest reasons to have a logo, as we mentioned, is being recognized by it. And, if you’re constantly changing it, this likely won’t happen.

8. Too Abstract of a Design

We already mentioned having a logo design that’s too cluttered and complicated. However, it’s possible to create a logo design that’s too abstract or simple as well.

Try asking yourself these questions: If people look at it, will they know what it is?

Does this logo only make sense to me because I know the story behind it?

Will people know that this represents my brand based on the logo alone?

If the answers to any of these questions indicate that the design might not translate well or make sense to the average person, try to rework it. Your logo can absolutely represent something personal to you, but you need to take that story and tell it to everyone else in a way that they can understand and relate to as well.

Avoid These Business Logo Design Mistakes

Will you be designing a logo soon? If so, hopefully, you can avoid these business logo design mistakes with ease now that you know what to watch out for.

Remember that the goal is to create a visually appealing, easy-to-understand logo that will be recognized and speak to your audience. Keeping these tips in mind should help you do just that.

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