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9 Important Business Ideas That Are Easy To Start

If you have a commercial or creative bent of mind, you may not like to work the regular nine-to-five shifts. You may wish to convert your acumen into a business setup if you have specialized skills. A typical business needs start-up funds and time to bring something concrete and doable. You also need a list of businesses to narrow down your choice and take it to the next level.  

Home-based businesses are increasingly getting common over the years, irrespective of the pandemic crunch. Online businesses are trending and considerably save you the cost of office space and overheads. It also gives the new-age entrepreneur the satisfaction of being your boss and brings creative satisfaction. Here are five innovative business streams to thrive and grow.    


Pet Care 

Furry animals are a mischievous addition to urban families. With countless American households happily owning at least one pet, starting a pet business can be a profitable proposition. Pet-sitting tops the list, as there is a universal need for it. You can run a kennel operation with canine lovers, bringing their pets to you and dropping them off. 

Pet boarding is an emerging business idea where pet owners drop off their dogs and cats at a responsible pet care outfit for the day and take them back in the evening. Even retirees can consider starting a pooch-care business to keep them occupied in their free hours. Before entering the pet sitting business, knowledge about the animals, pet fashion, and well-being like pet grooming, pet supply, pet food, pet spa, etc., and bonding and insurance. 

Landscaping And Gardening 

 Gardening has been one of the popular hobbies throughout the United States and Canada for many years in the last few decades. Horticulture fame is increasing thanks to a growing interest in the freshness of organic plants and their contribution to diet and overall well-being. However, gardening is no easy hobby to pursue. It needs time and devotion to make a garden flourish.   

Working people and settled individuals are short on time to attend to plants. Aging gardeners have mobility restrictions preventing them from taking to gardening. But there are all kinds of business opportunities for skilled and willing hands. From essential weeding to spreading mulch to functional knowledge of plants and gardening techniques and possibly landscaping principles, the gardening market’s future shows new possibilities.  


Yoga Instructor 

Many yoga lovers are saying goodbye to the corporate world to start their yoga studios in recent years. Because of its diversity and result-oriented charm, yoga is one of the rapidly growing fitness practices that is here to stay. Young people, working adults to aged people, are pursuing yoga for fitness and clarity of mind. 

If you are a yoga practitioner and enjoy teaching, why not share your love and expertise with others and become a qualified yoga instructor? You can set up your commercial yoga studio in a retail space or as a home-based business or teach yoga as a part-time or full-time faculty (offline or online). You can also consider selling yoga-related products like yoga mats, clothing, and organic food to the enrolling students.   

Residential Cleaning Services 

 With double disposable income and skewed working hours, more and more people prefer professional cleaners on hire. This brings an added advantage of utilizing free time for creative or business pursuits. Residential cleaning services usually function once a week or once a month but can be customized to the clients’ requirements.   

To start this business, you need elementary cleaning supplies and hands. You can build your clientele by opening up a residential cleaning outfit locally or take it to a larger scale by expanding your team. You must have strong organizational abilities and scheduling to make it a professional and respectable business.  

Content marketing  

The majority of businesses out there can’t survive without content. Content is a way for companies to bridge the gap between them and their audiences which means there is a massive market for creators. You and your friend can create a portfolio and reach out to companies within your scope of creation.  

You can also start a company for the primary purpose of content marketing. You should hire creators like writers, designers, videographers, motion graphic designers, etc. 


Every business out there needs branding. Although branding isn’t a logo alone, the logo is still a part of it. Branding is the process of shaping an enterprise into a brand, and a brand is how people perceive your company. To create a brand, many companies would need branding assets, and a logo is one of these assets.  

To create a great brand, any small business will eventually need a logo. This is where you come in; you and your friends can start offering to help people design their brand assets and other business needs like a flier, poster, ad, campaign, business card, etc. Your friends may be the ones with the design skills, and you may be the ones with the marketing skills, or vice versa.   


The world is transforming fast, and if you don’t know about dropshipping yet, you are missing out on many things. Dropshipping is a great idea because all you have to do is find customers, and the producer/supplier will do the rest of the work. If you have a website, once the customer places an order, the supplier will deliver.   

In dropshipping, your friend might be the supplier and is looking for ways to expand their business, and you can offer to be a dropshipper at a commission. It’s a win-win for both you and your friends.  


Since legalization in 2014, legal recreational cannabis sales may reach an estimated $25 billion by 2025, further proving this lucrative industry’s potential. To start a weed business, decide what part of the marijuana business you want to be in–local dispensary, grow marijuana, or just deliver it. Since cannabis laws vary from state to state and can change significantly, monitor them before starting a weed business. 

You must also know the top 10 best Sativa strains to buy when starting a marijuana business. Register your business name and entity as an LLC or a corporation, get licenses and permits, and comply with regulatory bodies. Also, get funding and financing before diving deep into a cannabis business. 

 Selling digital book 

Millions of people still read books to date. You may have unique knowledge and are willing to teach people through an Ebook, but you may need help selling it. This is where your market friends may come in. 

You write the book, and they edit it in the manner that it will sell big.  Book publishing can be a way for you and your friends to earn a passive income. Over time you will be making a considerable amount of cash because you started with low capital.  

The Takeaway 

Aside from essential funds and logistics, you need a functional business approach and a creative bent of mind to start an independent business of your own. People skills will help you attract and maintain more customers. If any of these business ideas appeals to you, develop a business plan for a formal start.

The world is moving fast, and you are either ahead or with it. Either way, when starting a business, you should use business models that work in the current reality. It is great to always look at predecessors so you can learn from their mistakes, but it would be better if you could innovate your business idea and take it to the next level. Also, choose from these pool ideas based on your strength and your friends. 

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