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A Checklist for Your Maid to Clean your Home

People usually hire a cleaning service before holidays or any special occasion. But it shouldn’t be like that; thorough cleaning of the house must be done frequently, and if you are unable to do it on your own, you should hire a professional cleaning service provider. Cleaning keeps the house neat and free from germs as well, which is why you should pay special attention to it and should not neglect it. If you keep your house dirty, it will start affecting your health because a dirty house is a hub of germs and bacteria. If you are about to hire a maid, you should arrange a cleaning checklist to help them understand what you want from them. This will help keep things smooth between you and the maid, and you will also get the desired results. Here’s a detailed cleaning checklist that you can use for this purpose, but you can edit it as per your requirement. 

Checklist to Clean the Living Rooms

 In your house, the living room is perhaps the first room exposed to the outwards traffic. The guests who visit your house or the relatives that come to enjoy their time with you are mostly entertained in the living rooms. Just imagine how embarrassing and bad it would be if the living room were messed up upon the arrival of the guests. Hence the maids should strictly follow the checklist for cleaning the living rooms, which is mentioned below:

  1. First, wipe everything present in the living room with a dry cloth to remove dust. 
  2. Now wipe each item with a damp cloth to restore the shiny appearance.
  3. Thoroughly wipe the fans with a damp cloth and a detergent. Use the same procedure to clean the switchboards. 
  4. Take out the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the sofas. Make sure that you also clean the corners of your living rooms.
  5. Wash the shades of the lamps and glass covers of the lights with a detergent so that the light shines brighter. 
  6. If you have fresh flower decorations, then throw the dead flowers and replace them with fresh ones. Also, if possible, ensure the trimming of the house plants. 
  7. Remove the dust from the picture frames or the wall hangings.
  8. Relocate the scattered objects such as pens, reference books, power lines, phones, rugs, and tables.

Checklist to Clean the Bedrooms

The bedroom is a private space for everyone. What if the sheets are dirty and the bed is not made properly? Certainly, that won’t be good for you at all. Therefore maids should emphasize more on a bedroom, and here is a checklist they can follow:

  1. Carpets must be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and, if needed, must be cleaned deeply. 
  2. Make the bed every day in the morning and, if needed, change the bedsheets. 
  3. If the pillow covers seem dirty, change them immediately and place them properly on the bed. 
  4. A dusting of everything inside the bedroom is equally important.
  5. If lamp covers or light shades are present in the bedroom, wet wipe them with a cloth.
  6. Ceiling fans in a room get most of the dirt. A housekeeper should clean the fans properly and remove the dust from the top of them. 
  7. Picture frames and the decoration pieces inside the bedroom should be free of dust. Use a microfiber cloth to clean them. 
  8. Clean the mirror with a wet cloth or a damp newspaper. Throw away anything that looks inappropriate on the dressing table. 
  9. Clean windows sills and sashes so that you get the maximum visibility out of your room. 
  10. Change the curtains and wash the old ones. 
  11. Wipe the interior and exterior of the cabinet from dust and dirt and ventilate the cabinet weekly. 

Checklist to Clean the Kitchen

The kitchen easily gets dirty from fried dishes. And if these dishes remain uncleaned in the dishwasher, they attract germs. The walls turn black, and a musty smell lingers in the kitchen that becomes unbearable in most circumstances. The housekeepers should follow a house cleaning checklist and pay special attention to the kitchen space. They should keep it hygienic to protect you and your family from harmful diseases. They should wash the dishes and containers in the dishwasher. Experts recommend washing in warm water to avoid the musty smell. Further checklist for housekeepers is as follows:

  1. Clean the kitchen and the shelves with detergent and water.
  2. The doors of the kitchen cabinets and their knobs must be cleaned thoroughly. 
  3. Dishes and glasses, etc., should be removed from the dinner table on time and cleaned regularly. The shelf surface of the cabinet should be wiped and dried as well.
  4. Kitchen utensils and cutlery should also be cleaned frequently. You can also use a clean wet cloth for this purpose. 
  5. Clean oil stains on windowsills. 
  6. Empty the trash cans daily and wash the trash if needed. Use a garbage liner and replace the old one every time you throw it away. 
  7. Clean and wipe the dinner table and the chairs. 
  8. The most important thing is to clean the refrigerator. Throw away obsolete items that take up unnecessary space. 
  9. Clean the kitchen appliances like microwave and stove regularly.
  10. Clean and disinfect countertops, backsplashes, and baseboards. 

Checklist to Clean the Bathrooms

Apart from the kitchens, if there is anything that must be spotless are the bathrooms. Dirty bathrooms eventually become the home of harmful bacteria. The stains produce a disturbing smell that is very unpleasant. Bathrooms should be cleaned every day if you want to avoid infections, and for that, the housekeepers must follow the following checklist

  1. The sink should be disinfected properly. Wash the bathroom cabinets and clean the shelves thoroughly. 
  2. Change the towels if you find them dirty and leave the old towels in the laundry room. 
  3. Clean the inside, outside, edge, and floor of the toilet bowl with a very strong disinfection solution. 
  4. Clean the mirror and remove all marks from it. You can use a squeegee for it. 
  5. Taps should be cleaned with disinfectant as many people touch them. 
  6. Tie a cloth with a mop and wipe down the entire floor of the bathroom. 
  7. Bathrooms must be kept dry when they are not in use.
  8. All house bathrooms should be cleaned with a disinfectant or warm water. 
  9. Refill consumables such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, oil, and toilet paper as needed. 
  10. To prevent dampness and mold growth, ensure that the bathroom is properly ventilated.

Checklist to Clean the Hallway or Lobby 

Hallways and lobbies might go unnoticed when it comes to cleaning. However, they are used the most, therefore cleaning them is very important. The maids can follow the following checklist to keep the hallways clean. 

  1. Clean all surfaces from dirt and wet wipe them with a cloth. 
  2. Clean all lighting fixtures, candle holders, picture frames, tapestries, etc.
  3. Clear the cobwebs from the hallway’s corners. 
  4. Windows and blinds must be wiped clean because it contains more air dust.
  5. Shoe racks are mostly located in the lobbies; therefore, they should be organized and cleaned if required. 

A cleaning checklist is necessary to clean any place properly and thoroughly. By giving the above checklist to your maid, you can ensure that nothing is left behind by your maid while cleaning the house. This

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