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A complete guide to build WhatsApp clone app: Features, process, and tech-stack involved

Instant messaging apps are widely popular. They have now become the must-have apps. The popularity of instant messaging apps started with WhatsApp, Wechat, and Line. Now, the Play Store and App Store are flooded with messaging apps. WhatsApp has around 2 billion users worldwide. As per reports by Sensor Towers, it has been downloaded more than 96 million times as of February 2020.

WhatsApp like app development holds tremendous scope. These are some of the factors that need to be considered before stepping into the instant messaging apps sector. For entrepreneurs, who are considering building messaging apps, WhatsApp offers a very good example to take inspiration from. In this blog, we will look into the outstanding features of WhatsApp and aspects involved in building messaging apps.

Features of WhatsApp and tech-stack used in building it


WhatsApp has one of the simplistic processes when it comes to registration. We can try to recreate the same aspects of it while building an Instant messaging app. 

  • For first time users, the app requires people to sign in using the name, mobile number, and optional profile picture. 
  • Then, an SMS code is sent to the users for verification.

Import contacts

Communication is the core functionality revolving around the messaging app. WhatsApp gains access to mobile contacts and imports them directly to its server. So people can simply type in the name of the person they want to chat within the search tab and initiate the chat.

  • More friends in the app are more likely to have an increase in customer reception. In the initial stage of the app launch,  it is not possible for people to find their friends as the app is not yet popular among a wider audience. So, include integration with social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and so on, to directly import those contacts.

Push notifications

Customers will get push notifications for incoming messages, media chats, files received, etc. It is one of the strategic moves for retaining users. By going through the settings, customers can change their preferences for enabling/disabling notifications.

  • Google cloud messaging for Android
  • Apple push notifications for iOS


One of the main attributes that makes WhatsApp preferable among users is that it allows encrypted messaging for its customers. Only the sender and receiver can view the messages as plain text, even WhatsApp cannot read the messages.

There are also certain features when it comes to messaging in WhatsApp

  • Single tick: It denotes the message has been sent by the sender but it has not yet been received.
  • Double tick: Here message has been sent and has been received but not yet read by the other user.
  • Blue tick: Messages have been sent, received, and read by the receiver. Moreover, users have the option to disable blue ticks from the privacy tab available in settings.

Media transferring

The chat application allows the transferring of images, files, GIFs, and many more using WhatsApp. In addition to these, users can also send location and contacts using the messaging app.

WhatsApp web app 

A WhatsApp messaging app solution has the ability to cast the screen on the computer. All users have to do is scan the QR code and the WhatApp will be mirrored to the computer.

Voice and video calls 

Users can easily communicate with one another using chat and video calls. WhatsApp even allows international calls through their chat apps free of cost.

Steps involved in creating WhatsApp like app

Choose the business model 

The first step involved in building the Instant messaging app is choosing the right business model. Messaging apps are widely used by younger generations compared to older audiences. When you build the Instant messaging app, make sure it has features to suit millennials. Starred Messages, pinning chat, timed-out messages, and so on are some of the innovative features to consider for WhatsApp like apps.

Monetization models 

Though WhatsApp now operates entirely on a freemium model, earlier versions had  options to contribute money if users felt so. Later after Facebook acquired WhatsApp, it entirely removed that option. Some of the popular monetization models involved in WhatsApp are:

In-app purchase: Certain features of the application have to be bought for a specific price. Like for example, Skechers, for creating large chat groups of more than 500 members, an in-app purchase is included. 

Advertisements: People do not prefer frequent advertisements flooding the WhatsApp clone. So have minimal ads so that it does not interfere with user experience.

Partner with an app development company 

The process involved in building a WhatsApp clone app has several stages involved in it such as UI/UX design, front-end development, backend development, platform-based development, QA testing, and so on. It is an end-to-end process that requires tremendous planning and execution. However, with the assistance of an app development company, it can easily be achieved. They house a skilled set of developers who have prior experience in the app development field.

UI Design 

The user interface design is very important for the front end development of the application. UI design works interchangeably with user experience as it determines the look and feel of the app. Color consistency, well-defined icons, detailing are some of the factors that need to be considered while designing the front end. 

Development process

It involves building the back-end based on the features and aspects as per the front-end design. The wireframing, prototype modeling is conducted to check if each stage of the design process is as per the standards. Then, the development process shifts to the back-end.

Summing Up

The messaging apps are shaping the way of communication. With some new and innovative aspects, you can most definitely define the future of WhatsApp clone app development. Have a reputed app development team by your side to assist you in the process of development. 


I work in a leading taxi app development company AppDupe located in the US. We are mainly into the cloning of mobile apps and this area has intrigued my interest to explore it further.

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