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All About Primary and Secondary Health Insurance

Planning a vacation without travel insurance is like doing bungee jumping without any support of the rope. This instance itself gives you an idea of how important travel insurance is for a traveler. The thing that is must be included in travel insurance is medical travel insurance.

You might have read on numerous blogs and heard from many travel agents that if you go for a trip overseas and the uncertainty of time hits you hard on your health and you do not understand where to go or whom to approach in such conditions. You find your travel insurance provider always on your side. This is the ultimate truth behind buying travel insurance.

Therefore, whenever you buy travel insurance, make sure you go through medical travel insurance and all its facilities. While traveling, medical insurance people usually get confused in primary and secondary health insurance terms and policies. To be precise, Primary and Secondary Health Insurance plays a significant role during your trip if you get hospitalized.

The question raised by many travelers is, what is the difference between primary and secondary health insurance?

• When you file the claim, primary health insurance pays the claim before any other insurance plan. Primary health insurance does not care if you have any additional coverage. They will first pay for you.

Primary health insurance can be your regular health insurance or the one provided by the travel insurance agent.

• Secondary health insurance comes into action when primary health insurance is exhausted. It pays all the remaining payable like deductible, coinsurance, etc.

Sometimes, in search of cost-effective health insurance, travelers go for secondary health insurance. This is the time when secondary health insurance begins to pay as primary health insurance.

In such cases also you will need someone to cover your primary coverage, and then the secondary health insurance will come into action and protect your remaining amount.

For instance, you are riding a bicycle, and a person on motorbike hits you. In this case, not all your medical bill coverage will be provided by secondary health insurance. Ask the person on a motorbike to provide you with coverage as the primary payer. The secondary health insurance provider will handle the rest of the bills and payment of money.

Due to secondary health insurance’s side role, statistics say that people buy either primary or both primary and secondary health insurance plans.

Benefits of Purchasing Primary Health Insurance

• You do not need to file a claim for coverage in any company or entity in a medical need.

• When you opt for a primary health insurance plan, they have it all covered. In hospitals in foreign countries or in the same countries where patients are not treated without making an advance payment, primary health insurance providers come up to help you with the advance payments, which are not possible in secondary health insurance providers.

• It is said that primary health insurances are very costly, but it is not always true. These packages can sometimes be available at reasonable rates. If they seem to be expensive, then facilities included in the plan will cover for that money.


Many travel insurance providers provide you with the best primary and secondary health insurance but do not provide you with the money. In the time of need, you’ll have to pay the bills from your pocket, but later, you can file a claim to get your money coverage.

If you have regular health insurance as your primary health insurance, you will have to file a claim there first. Once the primary health insurance passes the claim, only you can file a claim to secondary health insurance and get coverage.

When your Travel Insurance Provider does not provide you with any primary health insurance and only secondary health insurance, you can purchase multiple secondary health insurance to get it all covered in a way or the other.

To make your trip a memorable one in a positive way don’t forget to buy a suitable travel insurance that provides you with primary and secondary health insurance. For safe travel, You can visit Travel Insurance Master to find the best primary and secondary health insurance, including all the facilities that a traveler may require.


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