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Attack On Titans Reveals the Title Of Season Four

Attack on Titans: The Finale Season is back to grab the attention from all other anime TV series yet again. The project has recently fallen in the hands of MAPPA, and we have seen many improvements in the vibe of the series, including the classic Attack On Titan Jacket. The fourth season brings some very intense wars between the clans, and everyone is waiting for the new episodes to come. 

The residents of Marley, the nation being tortured by some gigantic blood-seeking creatures known as Titans for decades, are yet to see a second attack by Survey Corps after fighting off with Eldians. The premiere episode showed the sacrifices made by the Eldians in the service of their country that they love with all heart and soul. The land belongs to Reiner, Zeke, and Bertholdt, and no one can steal it from their colossal Titanic hands. 

We saw Marley overcoming their enemies in the first episode of Season 4 with the power they have gathered with their army of Titans like Beast Titan, Cart Titan, Armored Titan, and Jaw Titan. The country has become so powerful than before! But they are not the only giants here; the people were residing on another side of the wall are also developing advanced high-tech weapons to counter the Titans. Eldians need Eren Jaeger and his developed new powers more than before. 

So many things have changed since the last episode of Season 3. The time-lapse has been portrayed as four years, which clearly shows that a lot has happened between the two seasons. Although Service Corps has not made their entry in Season 4, everybody is wondering where they are. But an ancient Jean’s short cameo makes us assume that they have completed their preparations to attack Marley and even have found their way of entrance in the territory.

The revelation of the deception of Marley that they have been giving to Survey Corps for so many years created the actual climax in the series. Although it is reported that the manga is still not completed yet, so surely the final and the last war between the two arch-enemies, Eldians and Marley, is being portrayed in the opening scenes of the season.


The epic battle between the high-tech armed humans and giant titans kicks off in Season 4. With the entry of another contestant, i.e., Survey Corps, the titles of the episodes are coming out with some details. The 1st episode that came out on the 7th of December is titled ‘The Other Side of the Ocean.’ As season 3 ended, Eren and others finally got the chance to witness the beauty of the ocean for the very first time.

Everyone becomes happy, gets rid of their shoes, and starts to play. But Eren stayed quiet while staring at the sky. He assumed that there would be freedom and independence beyond the ocean and the walls but little did he know that there will be even stronger Titans waiting for him. 

Then came the follow-up 2nd episode on the 14th of December titled, ‘Midnight Train.’ Then, a tweet by Yonkou Productions revealed the name of the upcoming 3rd episode, titled “The Door of Hope.” It is expected to release on the 28th of December. The finale season has a total of 16 episodes as of yet. It is reported that there will be no episodes going to release from the 3rd of January as a part of the holidays.  

As told by Epic Dope, it will then come back with the 4th episode under the title of “From One Hand to Another,” probably on the 10th of January. 


Some updates regarding this episode have also come out, revealing that there will be an entry of someone new that would turn the life of Falco upside down. Season 4 opened with a new point of attention: the land of Marley and the area where Eren lives alongside Survey Corps across the sea. A new army of young men is being trained to serve as the Warrior Titans in the upcoming wars to gather more and more power.

As shown in the abstract of the 4th episode, we saw Falco inheriting the Armored Titan to guard Gabi, the person to whom he is emotionally attached and who happens to be his teammate. However, poor Falco has to bear the long-distance present between them. We then saw a man calling Falco’s name out when he was roaming on the streets. 

If you remember the ending of the first episode of this season, you definitely can recall a mysterious guy reading a newspaper on the streets of Marley. The headline written in the newspaper was about the victory of Marley Soldiers against the Forces of the Middle Eastern Allies. The man showed an expression of being alert or alarmed. So, are you thinking what we are speculating? Is he the same man who will reach out to Falco and bring some storms into his life?

As Falco seems to carry the weight of the Armored Titan to keep Gabi safe, there is nothing much visible from the synopsis to grab from. The most awaited and talked about Titan and Armored Titan will finally come on the screen with many more intense events and moments. 

Although the time taken was four years long, thank God, we didn’t wait this long. The creators have also assured the fans that all the loose ends and loopholes will be ended and knotted in this finale season. 

The fourth and final season of Attack on Titans will continue the story from the 91st chapter of the manga. All we can do is sit back, stock up on Doritos, gear up in Attack on Titans Jacket, and wait for the new episodes to come finally. From the reality of Marley, the reason behind creating Titans, the quarrel of its residents with the people living inside the Walls, the Eldians to the future of the vengeance of Eren, it will be a jam-packed season!

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