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Kids and Teens

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Whether a loved one is pregnant or you are expecting yourself, baby showers are a wonderful way to get friends and family together to celebrate and get excited about the arrival of a newborn. You might already have an idea of what you would like to buy, and with the variety of products available, from children’s toys to a baby cot online, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Selecting a present that is memorable and sentimental as well as practical will be valuable to any mother-to-be.

Handmade items

Any gift that has been handmade, from hats and cardigans to booties and blankets, will feel extra special in that it has been handmade with love. They are probably one of the best gifts mums receive at their baby showers, as someone has either taken the time out to source such a wonderful gift, or they have made it themselves. Crocheted baby clothes and accessories are so adorable so we highly recommend this as a gift.

Baby bath

A baby bath and stand is a wonderful gift that will ensure little ones stay safe, engaged and happy while bathing, and make the bath time process that much easier.

Baby cot

This is one of the top gifts for an expectant mother, but make sure that you double check that nobody else is getting this gift as it will be on a lot of mothers’ nursery lists.

Pregnancy & new baby journal

These are a wonderful keepsake for a mama’s pregnancy and baby’s first year, and serve as a planner to keep a log of all medical and personal information. Mothers can also use this as a scrapbook and journal and make a great gift for any mum regardless of whether this is their first baby or not.

Nappy changing bag

Nappies and nappy changing bags are always going to be a useful and necessary purchase for any parent. Alongside those, a changing mat can also revolutionise a nappy changing experience for when travelling or on-the-go.

Diaper changing station

These are convenient, portable changing stations that are super functional and mean that parents can carry it from room to room, and help ensure that the task that’s usually a bit of a chore is at least convenient and smooth. Everything is organised in one place and has many fitted compartments for all the essentials.


Books make great gifts for mum and baby. Kids will outgrow clothes in no time but books last forever.

Soothing sounds

Technology and devices that can help the newborn sleep better at night are an absolute godsend for parents. You can purchase white noise machines or lullaby makers as they make wonderful baby shower gifts.

Bedding and blankets

Handknit baby blankets from close relatives are a great way of continuing a family tradition. If this option is on a mum-to-be’s nursery list, then a baby blanket or bedding is a wonderful gift that has the opportunity to be personalised if you would like, where having a baby’s name embroidered on it can make a present that much more special and bespoke.

Newborn photography session

A professional newborn photography session is a truly priceless gift that parents will be able to cherish for the rest of their lives.

Baby clothes

This is an obvious one, and for good reason. Baby clothes are always a popular item to buy for an expectant mother. Who doesn’t love shopping for tiny, cute clothes? It’s a good idea to buy clothing in bigger sizes as these are a big hit for mummas as kids can grow into them.

Gift vouchers

Sometimes a mother-to-be will already have a lot of items on their list, and if you don’t want to run the risk of buying them something that they already have, a gift voucher is a good way to go. Parents will always be grateful for such a practical present, and it means that they can buy whatever essentials they need in their own time. Baby shops, department stores and supermarkets will have the option of gift vouchers and gift cards, and are also great if you are buying a last-minute gift.

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