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Benefits of watermelon seeds & Oil

Watermelon can be found easily in the summer season and very popular in India during heat & monsoon. But did you know?  Watermelon seeds are very beneficial because they are high in nutrients and low in calories. Also, they help in keeping the heart healthy, increase immunity, and control blood sugar. Many micronutrients such as potassium, copper, selenium, and zinc are also found in these seeds. And you should know that melon seeds are not poisonous.

You can use watermelon seeds for health benefits. Not only seeds, but Watermelon seed oil is also very beneficial. This oil is rich in minerals, vitamins, and other essential fatty acids. One of its important ingredients is linoleic acid – which is very good for the skin and reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. So let’s know about the benefits of this –

1. Keeps heart healthy:- 

Magnesium is found in high amounts in watermelon seeds. It regulates normal heart function and blood pressure. According to one study, melon seeds are beneficial for the heart, as it has antioxidants, reducing inflammation and widening blood vessels. Its seed extracts have cholesterol-lowering properties.

Magnesium is a mineral that contributes to electrolyte balance in the body, which is an important reason for the stability of the heart. It is very beneficial in preventing heart failure. Magnesium deficiency can be fatal, especially for cardiac patients. According to a report, watermelon seeds can help reduce the level of low blood pressure.

2. Strengthen immunity:- 

Watermelon seeds are full of iron and minerals. These seeds enhance immune functions. Vitamin B is very beneficial for strengthening immunity. According to a Cuban study, magnesium is also known to strengthen the immune system. According to another study, magnesium also plays a protective role in allergic reactions.

Increase male fertility:- 

The zinc present in watermelon seeds is important for male fertility. According to a Chinese study, zinc can significantly increase the sperm quality of infertile men. In addition, melon seeds are good sources of manganese. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, low levels of manganese also contribute to increasing infertility.

Helpful in diabetes:- 

According to an Iranian study, melon seeds have a positive effect on the accumulation of glycogen reserves and may aid in the treatment of diabetes. Extracts of watermelon seeds are considered anti-diabetic, which can lead to a decrease in plasma glucose levels. According to a report by the International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, omega-6 fatty acids present in melon seeds help prevent type 2 diabetes. According to another study, low magnesium intake may be responsible for the development of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Properties for the brain :- 

Magnesium present in melon seeds helps in improving memory. It also fights memory loss associated with aging. Studies also show that magnesium-based therapies work with great success for age-related memory loss.

An American study suggests that magnesium improves brain memory. Low levels of magnesium have also been linked to Alzheimer’s. Nutritional magnesium has been found to improve the treatment of dementia. This mineral can also affect many biochemical mechanisms, which are important for neuronal function. It has a neuroprotective effect and magnesium in the early stages may reduce the risk of cognitive decline in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Make sure you always use cold pressed oil in your diet. 

Watermelon Seeds for Hair:-

In addition to strengthening hair, magnesium plays an important role in preventing hair breakage. As a result it is known to promote hair growth. According to some studies, low levels of magnesium can accelerate hair loss. According to a Korean study, zinc inhibits hair follicle regression and even repairs hair follicles.

Improve skin health:- 

The magnesium present in melon seeds helps to improve your skin. It reduces acne and also cures other skin problems. It helps improve cellular processes and balance hormones. Magnesium also treats skin redness or rosacea. It cleanses the skin from inside. It can also prevent wrinkles, as enzymes regulate DNA replication.

Anti-aging properties  :- 

According to one study, magnesium slows down the signs of aging. Zinc present in melon seeds plays an important role in protein synthesis, cell division, and cellular repair. This is the reason why it can help reduce the speed of aging.

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