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Bouquets, Baskets, Hampers And Everything In between for Chocolate Day

February is a very special month of the year for reasons known to everybody. The beautiful week of valentine comes in this month, or we can say it makes this month what it is. It may be not easy to discover who started this grand tradition of celebrating Valentine with the people we love and even proposing to those who we admire and wish to be friends with, but it is our responsibility to keep it continued and flowering. We are not far from the valentines week now; it will touch us in less than one week and it’s time we start preparing to make the day special for us our Valentine and ubeforewe reach the V day it’s important to keep along the other six days of the week as well and to make it special. Today we will talk about chocolate day and if you think that one Dairy Milk will solve it all you are partly wrong and hence we have got a few Chocolate Day gift with a twist to usual chocolates. Let’s start searching.

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  • Chocolate cake

You may feel that the chocolate cake is not meant for chocolate day but who’s to say that it’s only for the bars of chocolate and the Chocolate flavour can’t dominate. Get a chocolate cake for this chocolate day to make it interesting to keep it different and to astonish your loved one. Do get a heart on this chocolate cake made with either red velvet crumbs for cream to keep it Valentine-y.

  • Chocolate hamper

A chocolate hamper is exactly like it sounds. The aim is not to give ons chocolate but to give a bunch of them to keep the effect lasting for long. Either buy or customise one yourself by arranging a wooden box and fill it with Dairy Milk, KitKat, Ferrero Rocher and other popular and not so popular favourite chocolates and decorate them with flowers or ribbons.

  • Chocolate basket

Chocolate basket is a little different from a hamper. It is more beautified and presentable. It can also have a few other items in it including chocolate flavoured perfumes, ice cream, face packs and other things. If you don’t want to stick with just chocolates and want to make it truly memorable you can add a few materialistic gifts to make it more rich and more effect full.

  • Chocolate bouquet

Chocolate bouquet is currently the most favourite and prevalent gift running in the list of valentines gifts. The reason for the same is pretty clear, you want to get flowers and chocolates both in one gift and that too made into a bouquet. This chocolate bouquet should have both red, white or pink roses at least ten of them along with Ferrero Rocher or Dairy Milk mini chocolates.

  • Chocolate cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes have made it into this list because they are very cute, very personalized and extremely delicious to eat. It’s better if you get photo cakes or designer ones with your partner’s picture on them or a heart or a picture of you two together enjoying a sweet day. Keep the flavour chocolate only to resemble it with the chocolate day and get not just one but a bunch at least 6 to give it the look of a grand gift.

  • Personalised chocolates

The last and the most exciting one here is the pack of personalised chocolates. This one has come into popularity very recently and it is used for occasions mostly. You can either get alphabets of your partner’s name molded to chocolates or you can get chocolates in different shapes including ice cream, bunnies, stars, snow walls or others. You can get multiple hearts as it is Valentine’s week and is all about love.

  • Handmade chocolates

If you’re passionate about making chocolates or baking cakes or be in the kitchen for any good reason then this is your chance to make your loved one feel loved. Make white chocolate, dark chocolates, chocolates with nuts and strawberry or other flavour filled chocolates for them. You can get all the other essential ingredients in the market very easily. All you have to do is put them together and make scrumptious chocolate out of those. Spread some roses around the pack of chocolate to give them the Touch of love even more prominently.

The Vday is not far and the week starts 7 days before that too. It’s time you start making chocolates that you want to give, happy gifting.

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