Cars 101: Car Lingo Everyone Should Know about

Car lingo/ Car Jargon: Everyone should know

Are you interested in buying used cars in Dubai? Then you should be aware of the common terminology and machinery of vehicles to assist your decision. Read the following features of cars which are the most popular.

A B and C Pillars 

Knowing about the pillars of the vehicle will really help you understand the visibility of your car. Cars that have distinct and well-functional and designed pillars will never create huge blind spots. Having a huge or annoying blind spot will really affect your driving. They can even become a cause of accidents too if you do not get used to them. 

C Pillar | Edmunds

The A-pillar of the car holds your windshield, it is on the sides of your windshield. Having huge and weirdly placed pillars will block your vision from the front and you will feel uncertainty while taking sharp turns. The B pillar starts from where the driver window is and it extends and ends towards the back. A well-designed B pillar will assist you in taking turns and cuts swiftly. The C pillar holds your rear window, just like the front A-pillar. A perfect C pillar will let you have all the rear vision you need to drive without any worry. 


ABS stands for an anti-lock braking system. ABS is an advanced braking system that prevents your car from locking when you have to stop abruptly. Knowing what kind of braking technology is installed in your car is really important. One should always opt for the best safety feature present. ABS can prevent your car from smashing and save your life in a bad life-threatening situation.

What is ABS and how does it work? -


Airbags are another safety feature that you should also be aware of as they are present in each car. They are soft padded cushions that deploy upon impact and are released by a sensor. This cushion inflates quickly when you collide and then deflate. These airbags can save your life and you should check for how many airbags a car has. 

Importance of Airbags as an Essential Car Safety Technology – Car Safety UAE

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Fuel Average (Fuel economy)

Fuel average refers to how much your car can cover the distance with a given specific fuel. Fuel economy is mostly expressed in kilometers per liter and measured within a city and on the highway too. Knowing a car’s fuel economy can save you bucks in the long run. 

14 tips to help you reduce the fuel consumption of your car! - PakWheels Blog


Engine oil is another important thing you should be aware of. This oil basically lubricates your engine and its moving parts and prevents them from corrosion and overheating. Putting a high-quality oil will make your engine last for a longer period of time and it could even affect your engine noise and fuel economy. You should be aware of what kind of oil you are putting in your car and what comes with it. 

Motor Oil for Cars - How To Pick The Right Engine Oil

Jump Start

Jump-start is an emergency hack that you should know about. It is an emergency starting up hack when your car’s battery is dead. You use another car’s live battery to start up your car using clippers. Knowing about this hack can really save you in a situation where your car battery is dead and you are in the middle of nowhere.

How to Jump Start a Car - dummies

VIN number

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number which is composed of 17 digits. Both numbers and letters are used in making a VIN number. It is also known as the birth certificate of the car. While buying a used car, this number comes in handy because it showcases information about the history of the vehicle. You can also know the manufacturing details and features by the VIN number. It is found at any plate inside the vehicle which might be on the doorpost, dashboard, or the driver’s side. 

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This is known as the number of kilometers required for the specific car to cover a distance with one liter of fuel. The factors which influence the mileage are the age of the vehicle and duration of the car on the road. Mileage can be high if it has almost reached or gone above 100,000 kilometers. 


The power output of an engine is defined as torque. If the torque is high, the acceleration of the vehicle will be automatically high as well. 

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