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Color changing lights: How to Change a Car Color in Photoshop!

Hey guys, my name is Scooby. Today I’m going to be showing you how to changing the color lights of a car in Adobe Photoshop. This is going to be a nice quick.  And easy tutorial  So the first thing I do is have an image of a car open in your Photoshop.

Then, we’re going to be bringing it to a new layer by clicking ctrl + J. So as you can see right down here at the bottom, I have two layers of my care. So what I’m going to be doing from here is hiding the original layer.

I’m going to be focusing on layer one, which we just made. I’m going to rename this to Color changing lights. Once this is done, we’re going to come down to the bottom of our layers panel. And we’re going to be adding a vector mask now. What vector mask does is going to allow us to remove it. And add details of our carrot easily.

So what I want to do to select our mask comes to the right of our layer.  And make sure our white box is highlighted, as you can see; there are four little lines around it. You want to make sure this is enabled.

And we’re going to have two colors here we’re. Suppose we change our Color changing lights to white.  And paint anything with white on its going to be added to the layer. So now that we have this done, we’re going to be able to change back.

And forth really easily. Suppose you want to add a little bit more to the carrot or remove it a little bit later on.  So now we have this enabled coming up to our selection tool on the left. It will be underneath your magic w.

and we’re looking for a quick selection tool. And we’re going to be highlighting the part of the character we want to changing Color lights now. In this case, I don’t wish to changes that need the trimmings.  And black, as you can see, there’s a couple of bits here that are in black. I won’t be changing the changing of this, of course. If you would prefer to, you can’t have any problem.

What we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be. We are zooming in on the part of the detail of the care.  If you accidentally like too much, as you can see, I have the badge chosen here.

And a couple of parts in the grille here that I would prefer not to change changing. It’s very easy to deselect them. All you want to do is zoom into the part we have a quick selection selected to hold the Alt key. And you’ll notice the plus in the middle of your circle will change to a minus.

What I only do is highlight over the part of the area where you don’t want to be selected; as you can see, I’m just going to choose around this awe. Some badge right here. And it will be removed the background from your image.  And it’s going to be the dashing lines around it.  So I want to do it continually do.  And highlight all the parts of the Color changing lights you wish to change on the car.  So for me, that’s all the Blues.

And for me right now, I’m going to be skipping all of the parts where I do this on-screen because otherwise, this could take a while. So I’m going to get back to you guys when this is finished. What you’re going to be doing is right-clicking inside your selection.  And we’re going to be selecting inverse now.

Once this is done, we’re going to make sure we have our black changing chosen. We’re going to open up our brush tool by clicking B., and we’re going to be painting black all around our actual image, which will remove all of the backgrounds.  And hopefully, leave the frame of the car.

Now that we did this method, we can easily go back.  And change any of the kareleterron. .  If we wish.  So for right now, I’m going to be clicking Ctrl + D to deselect. And I’m going to be unhiding our layer on the bottom.  If we come down to our layers panel on the right, I will be retiring our background layer.

And we’re going to have our original layer on top of each other.  So as you can see, it doesn’t look any d. Different because they’re going to merge naturally once we have this done, we’re going to be coming down to our layers panel.

And we’re going to be looking for this half-circle. So we’re going to be clicking this open.  And we’re going to be adding a hue.  And saturation layer now. Once this is added, we’re going to come between the layers of our Color changing lights.

We will be coming between these layers holding alt until we see this little symbol that will create a clipping mask. We’re going to be clicking on this. Once this is effect, we will see this little arrow pointing down, which will only affect the layer below it.

Once this is done, we will open up the properties for our hue. And saturation by double-clicking the circle on the left. And this little box clicking colorize.

Then we’re going to be able to play around with the hue of the actual color-changing lights. And the saturation determines the intensity of the Color changing lights we’re going to be putting on our care.

You can see, it works well, So we can Color changing lights to anything by affecting our slider right here.  And it easily changes.

And effects now, as you can tell by doing this, we’re noticing there’s still a little bit of blue sticking out in the background over here to the left.

Thankfully the way we did this with our masks, it’s really easy to go in. Change this always to select our Color changing lights click on the show on the right h. And side.

And  If we want to remove anything, we paint with black.  So I’m going to be zooming in. You can see I left a little bit of green here by accident. So it’s going to be opening up my brush tool. I’m going to be scaling it down just a little bit; I’m going to make sure we have black selected over here, which we do.  And. .  If I paint over anything back, it’s going to remove it from our lair.

And it’s easy to know. .  If we want to add anything to it still looks pretty cool.  And this method, but of course, we can remove it easily by going back in and painting a black at any time.  And that’s we did this method. It’s effective.  And it makes it easy to go in.

And edit it at a later time anyway, guys. If you enjoyed this tutorial you want to support me, I’m going to leave a link down below to my PayPal, of course, there’s no pressure.  If you can’t anyway, guys, thank you.  So much for watching until next time as always; keep it saucy peace.

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